Kobe Bryant visited Shanghai and played basketball with a group of Chinese students. Bryant said last year that he’s the best one-on-one player “to ever do it,” and he’d easily beat LeBron James in a game. Naturally, he didn’t take it easy on his fans.

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  • The young mamba

    You need to play me one one I’m a 16 year old student in R.A my Twitter name is the @mamba_young let’s play one on one if you want to :) i’ll get you back into tip top shape for this future season come out to our court in Virginia I don’t have a account on this site so come by the way it will be good publicity for Richmond you’ve probably never played here but you need to get over VIRGINIA so that we can get this one on one not just me you’re whole fans I’m a fan and it would be great if you to come play in VA and I’m a 16 year old point guard and will have a better chance at beating you one on one. :)

  • Kobegirl

    Happy Birthday Sir KOBE! Happy Birthday Sir KOBE 08.23.14! i wish you good health and happiness in life. For me you are the best in all! you inspired people around the world including my self. I wittness how good you are in real. A very down to earth and humbled. you touch every ones heart specially me during the event from where i first saw and hug you in real. it was an awesome and memorable day of my life, thank you sir! my respect and my greetings to your big day. i hope to see you again and your family too though i know unbelievable but i will continue my hopes to happen. i miss you playing and fans are really excited for your new season. always safe in all and I love THE BLACKMAMBA forever! enjoy your day with your dear Vanessa, Natalia and Baby G<3 they're lucky to have you. thank you for inspiring me 24hrs. i salute<3

  • tcblackmamba

    Love you Kobe, happy birthday! Can’t wait to see you next season!

  • randy ramirez,jr

    Hi Kobe, how do you think I would I find you info cause I am doing a auto biography on u so what website should go on.

  • chris6800

    that was dope