Critical or not. We’ve had a ton of convo the last few days about a BIG issue. That’s always a good thing. Luv to ALL who tweeted thoughts

  • rural nation

    I just went out to your catalog and purchased several things as a sign of support! (And I don’t even watch pro basketball.) I so APPRECIATE your common-sense approach to conversation around Trayvon Martin. If African Americans want others to see them as individual people and not as stereo-types or part of a certain group then they also need to exemplify this behavior. African Americans cannot behave as if all non-African Americans are wrong (guilty), just as non-African Americans should not assume all African Americans are wrong (guilty).
    To all those that suggest your time in Italy has made you unclear on the African-American experience, I would suggest to them that your ability to not live in the past and let history color your every thought is what allows you to be successful and a role model for what race relationships can be. Those who cannot do this are only propagating racial conflict instead of allowing the world to move forward in a more color-blind fashion. If I concentrate on every wrong done to my ancestors (because there are a lot of them), I am going to be very busy hating a lot of people and waste a lot of time and effort that could be spent living my life, reaching for my goals and forming relationships with people whom enrich my life – black, white, or otherwise. Let us not forget history, but let us not live in the past either. Let us take a page from the Jews who suffered in the Holocaust and Japanese- Americans who were interned in War Relocation Camps by their own US government during WWI and all the other groups that have been persecuted throughout history…Living well is the best revenge!

  • Brian Jolivette

    Kobe……. if you read this i want you to know that you are favorite basket ball player[since day 1], and one of my greatest inspirations in life. I practice your moves and everything. We even have the same birthday. August 23rd. I’m just 13 so hear me out. if you read this i just want you to know get well soon, get back on the court and ball, and have a great rest of your carrer. Im from Lousiana….KB24 all day

  • Luke Crowson

    I started watching Basketball in 2010 at the age of 12, yes a late bloomer, but I am in love with basketball and try to get out and play as much as possible. Before becoming a basketball fan I was an extreme video game player and that is why I am such a huge Kobe and Laker fan. I bought NBA 2K10 and went to play now and played as the Los Angelos Lakers against the Orlando Magic. I instantly became fascinated with the sport and it quickly overtook video games as my favorite passtime and passion. While I live in Maryland I am a diehard Lakers fan and Kobe fan. Though Los Angelos is going through tough times I have always stayed loyal to you and the franchise. I still believe the NBA is your league and that you are still the best player in the NBA. Many of my friends question whether you will ever be the same player you were before your injury. I believe you will be even better next season, I NEVER will lose faith in Kobe Bryant. I hope to be able to attend a Lakers-Wizards game next season so I can see you play in person.

  • renato pasamonte

    kobe. get back to Vanessa. so your game will be back to where it is. you need to put order on your private life and your life on the court will follow. look at tger woods, since his divorce, his game was on a downspin.Jesus said. when you divorce your wife and marries another. you are comiiting adultery.
    your #1 fan

  • C-ramirez

    Kobe, wanted to let you know i been praying for you to get fully healed, and also for God to touch your heart and for you to come to know Jesus Christ and accept him as your lord and savior. i was a raging alcoholic for majority of my late teenhood i was headed down a path of destruction till one day i humbled and ask Jesus to come into my heart and he delivered me from alcohol and made me the new creature i am now…. he can heal you Kobe you just gotta give him a chance to work in you. well i hope you are able to read this,take care brother will keep praying for you.

  • Cristian Leon

    Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba) my dad has been watching you play since you scored your very first points as a Laker against the New York Knicks. He is truly one of your biggest fans. That’s why I’m commenting today because I have never gotten him anything for his birthday or Christmas it makes me feel like a terrible son, but now I have the opportunity to make one of his dreams a reality. I have purchased a Lakers uniform with you guessed it with number 24 on the front and back. It would mean the world to me and him if you can possibly sign it and mail it back to me so I can give my dad the true feeling of Christmas this year. I’m Cristian Leon I am 18 years old and if you want to contact me about this my email is thank you Kobe for taking the time out of your day to read this. #todosjuntos #bleedpurpleandgold

  • Papa-Do

    Kobe, with you being a student of the game with phenomenal foot work are you working on pushing off/jumping off on your right foot? If there is anyone that can reinvent his game becoming switch footed I put all my life savings on you. Would love to see you challenge Father Time taking your game yet to another level once again and clinging to the title of the best player ever for just awhile longer. You have been by using the left achillies these past 18 seasons. Will you show the world how to dominate with the right? I would not be shocked to see another parade in LA before you walk away because You simply are the G.O.A.T.

  • Jaystar

    Kobe, request a trade to Chicago to play with Rose, Pau & Noah! You deserve to win another title!!

  • Philip Panapasa

    Kobe. You took 37 shots last night. Most of it was forced. Your teammates were wide open. I think you need to take the approach like you did in 2013 when you guys made that run for the playoffs. I don’t no if you read these posts. But hey im a laker fan. Just sharing my thoughts.

  • Tom

    what I noticed about your shot last night was your release point was lower and forward. Needs a little adjustment go back to basics do some form work wit one handed shots in front of the basket and then move back a little etc. sometimes its the left hand pushing to much so the one handed practice shots helps to get the rhythm back . Hope that helps.