DUBAI // He may not have taken to the court to play, but NBA legend Kobe Bryant still captivated thousands of fans by his mere presence in Dubai last night.

The American University in Dubai’s Knights Arena was packed with more than 2,000 supporters, most of whom could barely contain their excitement as their hero made his entrance on to the court.

Cheering and screaming his name, plenty of the spectators tried to get closer to the sporting legend by running on to the court to take a picture.

Bryant was in the UAE as part of his Kobe Bryant Health and Fitness Weekend, which ended last night with a game between the Black Mambas UAE celebrities and Real Madrid.

“I wasn’t disappointed that he didn’t play because he has been carrying an injury, but the very fact he is even here made it completely worthwhile,” said Josh Cox, from Australia.

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  • Paytc

    The return is drawing near. I see Dec. 20th as a good possible return date. Kobe knows his body best.

    • Paytc

      Close but as always Kobe exceeds expectations. He’s BACK ! Much success to Kobe and the Lakers !