Kobe Bryant said he and his doctors have “shattered” the timetable for recovery after his Achilles’ surgery.

“The surgical procedure was different … and because of that the recovery has been different,” Bryant said while traveling in Shenzhen, China, according to NBA.com. “The normal timetable for recovery from an Achilles, we’ve shattered that. Three-and-a-half months [and] I can already walk just fine. I’m lifting weights with the Achilles just fine and that’s different. So we don’t know what that timetable is going to be. It’s kind of new territory for us all.”

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  • j killa

    kobe bryant is awsome im am very mutchinspired by the way u play ball

  • Sajeran 24

    Kobe Bryant is a warrior, MUCH RESPECT

  • Diamond

    kobe hope you get well soon,without you I will not see the NBA again.

  • Abejita Martinez

    Come back to NBA please Kobe!

  • Diamond

    kobe You mean the world to me love you forever

  • Geng Fenglong

    Cheer up!

  • Diamond

    kobe you are my world

  • yUng wOlf

    man, everyone needs you back. pls come back to NBA.

  • Patel

    We all love you Kobe from a 15 year old fan

  • Aaron Zepeda

    Kobe your the best player ever! Anything you give beyond this point is unreal. All your true fans love you and applaud your efforts. Anybody who knows the game of basketball, knows what you mean to the game. Yes, you’re a phenomenal athlete but, your sacrifice throughout your career is extraordinary! I’m honored that I’ve had the opportunity to watch you play over the years.

  • louie

    Kobe Bryant for me you are more skilled than Michael Jordan..you are truly jersey number 24, not 23..Please return to NBA asap so i can watch again NBA..Get well soon from your long time vivid fan donlouieortega@yahoo.com.Godbless!

  • Louis

    KOBE, listen man. i wanna talk to u for a minute. from a FANS perspective. NOT FANATIC, NOT APOLOGIST, NOT A KOBE FAN, BUT FROM A FAN OF BASKETBALL’S PERSPECTIVE. FAN OF THE “GAME” ITSELF. do us all a favor and duplicate your dominance from last year… only this time i wish u GOOD HEALTH THROUGHOUT the entire season. no injuries, no missed games, and i know, championship #6 is in the books.. its just NOT BASKETBALL unless the COMPETITION shows up. everybody knows this. u the only reason basketball hasnt fallen off the map yet. kd and lebron are cool but theres THAT INVISIBLE ELEMENT of the game that we appreciate about YOU that “THEY” dont have. nobody else will ever bring to the game of basketball that kinda HEART, that level of MENTAL TOUGHNESS, and THAT WILL POWER, the “I WILL” part of the game. that “PISSED OFF attitude” part of the game. that part that raises your game, the competitions game, and the passion of the fans to a whole DIFFERENT level. you’re the last of the BEST EVERS….. your FLARE, ur FOOTWORK (smh) NEVER AGAIN. the DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY on ur shots. THE ARTISTRY of ur game… it WILL BE MISSED FOREVER. now in my opinion 6 makes u the greatest ever. to conquer the career scoring title along with 6 plus makes it UNDISPUTABLE that ur the greatest ever. yes, even over mike. longevity, perseverence, endurance, the willingness to force urself to play thru pain, YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR…… it never has been and it never will be matched…..the saddest part about the day u hang up the sneaks, but yet the most AMAZING at the same time? is to have to know as fans, that we were robbed of the 1st 7 yrs of ur career. we all know u were good enough to start as a rookie. to think u were belittled, thrashed, dawged out, and even in some ways sabotaged, from day 1 by coaches, players, teammates, and media to hold ur game back. now THAT,,,,,,,,,,,is the SADDEST thing in NBA HISTORY to me. THAT IS WAT’S GONNA BOTHER US FANS THE MOST WEN UR GONE…in most peoples opinion, ur THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF THIS ERA. (BECAUSE OF THE RESEMBLANCE in ur game). but the LONGEVITY makes u THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. the day u retire? because of wat we missed the 1st 7 years, it makes u THE BO JACKSON to all generations to come. ur LEGEND never dies. IT ONLY GROWS. MUCH LOVE! Louis…..

    • Paytc

      Nice post!

  • Louis

    the 5 elements of dominance in nba history:
    (this is the genology of greatness)
    this top 5 can never be touched for this 1 reason. the rings… the attitude….. and the will power of each of these men…they can be imulated, but never duplicated…..

    chronological order of da perfection of
    “THE GAME”

    1: defensive dominance. (blocks, rebounds) Bill

    2: offensive dominance. (scoring) Wilt

    3: showtime ( asists, fast break) Magic

    4: hangtime (dunking, jumping) Mike

    5: flare (footwork, degree
    of difficulty) Kobe

    ironically this is my top 5 list as the greatest ever……. in order.


    • Paytc

      Kareem is the all-time scoring leader! so either you need a tie for him to share one of the places ,or drop one of these guys?Not to mention how dominate Kareem was at UCLA something like 84-2 and 3 national championships.Many people forget the impact Kareem had on the game and just how long he played.


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    ariel bendicio


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    various cases of human rights violations.
    public notices station in down town areas all over the province

  • Jboss

    Bean, lets get 6

  • truth

    alright listen up. i am a lakers fan and i love Kobe….i really do and i’m not trying to start a ruckus but kobe isn’t as good at defending as michael and he shoots a lower percentage. They have the same desire to win and that does separate them from the rest. Lebron is incredible…he needs to sort his head out but he has dominated the league for the last 4 years.

    how old are you guys that think kobe is better than Jordan? i cant understand it unless you are all low 20’s. michael competed at such a high level and refused to lose at the highest level. The Utah teams of 97 and 98 were better on paper than the bulls…it was his will that did it. game 7 against the pacers in 98 he turned the jump ball from Rik Smits and he was 7 ft 2…

    Kobe best of his generation but not the best of all time.

    • Paytc

      There is no need for a comparison.They are both great players. There is no way to determine who is better all around.There are too many things to consider when things happen in different times and space.All we can do is speculate ,and give opinions.Kobe is the best Kobe Bryant I have ever seen. Michael Jordan is the best Michael Jordan I have ever seen. Period !

      Now can we put that debate to rest, because no one will ever win the argument factually.
      Plus Kobe is still writing parts to his NBA legacy… at least wait till Kobe retires.

  • beautygenny

    hey!!!idol!kobe..getwell soon..play again to the NBA..without your presence l will not watch NBA…..


    VICE MAYR Emmanuel “lito” GALVEZ

    dunkn bassie & robin
    hi* maxilom
    balagtas bulacan
    please chef cr-z apprehend NOW
    posted informal settler
    proof medical mission out break

  • What if I told you…

    Hey, Kobe,
    First of all, you’re the most skilled player in the NBA. I have no doubt about that, and nor should anyone else. What with the consistent fadeaways, aggressive and penetrating attacks, deceiving crossovers, the “Clutch” aspect, and a whole lot more, the skill is all there. Also, I look up to your driven, determined nature; how you show everyone how to go 110% (well, a whole lot more in your case, you go like 248% which is awesome), and how you play each game with the intensity that the world has come to associate you with. 17 years of league-leading professional, along with jaw-dropping high school stats, you’ve played through injuries, moments, experiences, downers, and tons more, again with the same venomous ferocity as the Black Mamba would, and you’ve gone through things most people can’t even imagine, yet you still play with the heart most others can’t.
    Now, the flare, the footwork, the art, the awe, the extravagance, the inspiration, the confidence, the determination, the style, and the Kobe factor of the NBA are lacking without you in this picture. With your legendary determination, everyone is certain you’ll come back, and I implore, please do. The few people I personally know who doubt your return are just worried that you’ll come back, and take the throne for yourself again, as you should. Basketball suffered a blow the day your Achilles suffered a blow, and geometric properties with that statement prove that you are basketball, and basketball is you, and when you come back, so will basketball.

    You’re the greatest, that is certain,
    Come back you will, you’ll open the curtain
    That’s closed over us fan, on the game at it’s core,
    Come back you will, you define this sport,

    Hey Kobe, you’re the best,
    Take this time, and rest,
    Then show us again, bring back what’s left
    At heart the Black Mamba’s the youngest

    I hope you get better, quickly but well,
    Come back you will, come back you will


    Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

  • Squirrel

    You are still the best player in the NBA and the Lakers need your leadership on the court. Hope you come back as quick as possible, but also as healthy as possible. I have faith that the Lakers will have a better season this year and best of luck with recovery and this upcoming season!

  • aref

    you have 200000 fans in iran
    come to iran please

  • Sebastian

    to be honest kobe i’ve never really liked the way you played but the NBA universal fans cant miss out on the Black Mamba.you are amazingl talented and you have the best fadeaway shot of all time.Pleases recover. Many people will not like me when i say this but im a heat fan and i want you to recover to keep on going through the journey of your extreme legacy.Good luck.

  • miguelito

    I’m a huge kobe fan. Loved his game from the beginning..but..he will always be in 3rd place when it comes to the greatest basketball players ever. 2nd is the one and only Michael Jordan…1st is Lebron James!

  • CWM

    Kobe is so overrated it’s stupid Shaq carried his ass I don’t think Jordan is the best either in my opinion there is a list of players better than both Earvin Johnson nobody has ever run an offense like him 2 passes score all day long the Lakers ran the floor better than anyone in history with magic on the floor, Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor / Kareem Abdul Jabbar not just most points ever, nobody talks about it but 6 rings John Stockton most assist and most steals before my time Bill Russell but 11 rings is 11 rings besides the players on Bill Russell’s Celtics second al-time in rings Robert Horry (7) style and flair don’t make for the only kind of great player ex. Tim Duncan as many rings as Kobe no doubt I’m going to include Jordan as better than Kobe he has six ring 2 three peats and 6-0 in finals everyone says Larry Bird well I am too take into account in 9 straight years the ring went to Boston or Philadelphia or the Lakers in ten years the Lakers were in 8 the level of competition back the meant Bird would have even more rings in any other time period the biggest big game clutch player ever check out his game vs the Hawks and Dominique Wilkins I can’t talk about LeBron yet he certainly isn’t done but his finals record is 2-3 with 2 losses coming from Duncan one Cleveland one Miami and he lost to Dallas, I will leave it at 8 better than Kobe check some games and shots and stats before you make your case is Kobe top ten absolutely yes

  • Gary Smith

    Kobe is a great player for sure However the greatest player would have to be Wilt Chamberlin