Putting together an amazing show with Jimmy Kimmel for August 15th.

  • gulled

    pick up fisher odem and bynum

  • samcalvin

    Hey Kobe, am a big fan in fact am obsessed but basketball aside I really appreciate and like what you are doing for the community; trying to help homeless people in the city of Los Angeles and continuously inspiring kids with your work ethic. Well me and a friend of mine (his a genius) are working on an idea that I think will have a big impact on the community.
    What better way to make that dream come true than working with someone I have always idolized. We could use your brain and most importantly your vocal support. We aren’t looking for financial backing but I believe with your voice and face behind this idea, that will all take care of itself. I would really appreciate it if you get back to me whenever you see this. My email is
    kabandacalvin@yahoo.com and my number is +12505800575 (living in Canada right now)

  • polo

    KB24…….BEST BALLER EVER!!!!(sorry mj)………man if the lakers could put “dead-eye” shooters around KOBE before he hangs them up……….IM a hawks fan——but i would buy laker “season” tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!

  • Lora

    As usual wishing I could attend. I know it will be great…Congratulations to the winner. You will never forget your one on one time with Kobe.


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