One month ago yesterday #surgery #graphic #RealNoImage #mambamentality

  • antonell

    Kobe u still #1 always all day everyday!!!!!!! #mamba

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  • ken

    KOBE i feel your pain i also tore my achillies hoopin a simple jab step an i was on the floor just as you was the pain i will never forget but good luck on your recovery its hard to get it back an very mental on the body your the best for a reason.

  • Kevin Scheid

    I snapped my achelles pushing a car up hill by myself. Took couple hundred stitches. Was told to take it easy and needed 9 months of therapy. I started by rollerbladeing 4 days after leaving hospital and i was walking fine in two weeks. Do not take it easy like the therapist say. You can heal faster by exercising pushing it more than the therapist say. My leg is great an the doc said i healed faster than any patient.