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Kobe gets his stitches out, Shows his support for Cancer research, and tells us all to pray for the bear.

What Kobe and Floyd Mayweather Have in Common

  • Jerwin Lee

    I’m missing Kobe!! I always remember him every time I’m watching a playoff game. postseason ain’t perfect without him! Can’t last a single game without thinking the dude.

  • Rahj

    Here’s another reason why Kobe is the all time best. He idolized Michael as a rookie so he copies all his moves and does them with perfection. The greatest flattery. Here is the thing ! He does the same for all of his basket ball heros and he’s very good at it. So he is Michael, Steve Nash, Kareem, Baylor, Magic, West etc. Who else does that? So his style is a combination of all the best styles. wow!

  • Kevin

    Kobe, all I got to say is, at least growing up in Southern Cal, we all love you man. Obviously most people around L.A. like you.. I’m white, and I’m not going to deny there’s still racists around (which I can’t stand!), but at least around Anaheim (and other cities closely around) we don’t care about that meaningless crap…we love you for who you are….all I wish is you end up in the same mold of someone like Torii Hunter……no matter what happens, just have a big smile on your face (which is why I and the rest of Anaheim love Torii), because remember, you’re just playing a’ll always have critics, and i know you want to win championships (who doesn’t?), but also think of the relationships you’ll have after your career. basketball (or any sport) isn’t everything (seriously talk to Torii)…

    Also if you have any upcoming projects to help people and aren’t looking for people to profit off of it my email is…I just want to help out other people like you do….keep up the good work

    • Kevin

      FYI: the comparison with Torii had absolutely nothing to do with race…I just like to use him as an example because he is the exact person I want my kids to look up to one day

  • Steve B.

    Yo Kob, keep up the greatness. They will never say you’re better then him. He knows it, and always has. Its just, people don’t want to except it. Of course you duplicated his game, the U.S duplicated Rome’s government. Doesn’t mean Rome is better, it just gave other countries, such as the U.S, a chance to analyze Rome’s mistakes. Anytime there’s a tuff situation for me cuz, i think of you. Keep up the hard work….. NYC Stand up….Shout out to EBC

    -Making A Difference New York Inc. (

  • Paytc

    Having met and hangout/talked with Floyd Mayweather Jr. before he turned pro….

    I can contest there is a sincere drive,focus, and confidence that truly separates the great ones.

    They are willing to put the type of work in upfront to reap the many benefits later.The great ones stay focused on the prize , not what doubters and critics have to say.Kobe, as written in my book…”Keep working to be the best Kobe you can be”.

    May you have a fast and full recovery!

    • Paytc

      That’s” hung out” before the proper one way folks chime in with a comment to correct me. :)

      • Paytc

        You are one of only 5 players in the history of the NBA to be in the 30,000 point club.
        I do wish to see you win another championship or few ,and hope along the way you open up the 40,000 point club. 8383 Stay focused many prayers for the bear from Paytc!

  • LAJOE…


  • Bruce Holmessr


  • Demetrius Whitlock

    i know he’ll be back & STRONGER than Ever !! I just want him to get back out there and Win another CHAMPIONSHIP for all of his Fans and Supporters !!!

  • Jordan

    Please follow me on twitter @iTalkLakers Kobe Bryant him self follows me.

  • ronie alipio

    Hope to see you kobe, praying for your 100% recovery. God bless you and your family.

  • eva sangco

    NBA games is exciting to watch with Kobes’ presence he’s my idol:)