Stitches out! #progress

  • Taiyo

    hi my name is Taiyo im a fan iw ould like to grow upi to be good like you. i just won of your Kobe8 from champs and im 14. hope you heal from your injury !!!!!

  • chris

    get well soon come back will be stronger you greatest wish i could afford your shoes

  • ProLAL

    yea progress.. good good good! can’t wait for your comeback, can’t wait for the revenge.

  • dave

    You’re gonna do great.

  • hallie

    god speed and I hope that your therapy goes well. you are to blessed to have such a beautiful family, congratulations and continued happiness, get well soon, your fan, h

  • Matt

    Don’t give up and keep fighting and stay strong as you are. You and the team will achieve greatness as we come to next season I STILL BELIEVE IN L.A.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Next season Kobe WILL have his 6th ring !! Jus one game at a time !!