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Kobe joins Instagram, discontinues tweeting, and I tell you what athletes have had successful returns from Achilles surgery.

  • Sajeran24

    I like the MRI photo

  • Duane McGee

    Kobe, I hope you come back stronger….your desire to win is second to none, but I also hope you comeback more as a leader. I have been a laker fan all my life, grew up watching Jerry, Elgin, Mel Counts, Rudy Larusso, etc. This year was the most disappointing year as a laker fan!! We had the personnel, but didnt get it done!! John Maxwell says a real leader, will make the others around him better…he will leave a legacy that will carry on…Next year….instead of being a maker of plays…become a playmaker!!!

  • Henry Robert Bowers Jr.

    kobe, you are the best basketball player ever and im glad that you make long three pointers in the nba finals of 2008-2010 season im sorry about what happen to your leg and I hope you get better soon buddy just rest that’s all you need. plus I also play basketball with my friends down in east los angeles :) I make three pointers n other shots as well. I also play nba 2k10, nba 2k11, 2k12, 2k13 and I always play you on the video games too. when I play ball I have super good defence and offence as well buddy. hit me up sometimes at 323-427-1670 alright :)
    henry Robert bowers jr

  • Konya Bouie

    Kobe, I think you are the greatest basketball player ever. Your drive to be the best is awesome. I pray that everything works out for you and you come back stronger than ever. I know that if you ever decide to become a professional coach, you will break all kind of records. Can’t wait to see you next season in a Lakers uniform.

  • Mrs. SWK

    Kobe, I wish you a safe and speedy recovery. I tore my Achilles on my right foot on April 11th. playing basketball. My family and friends say I tried to copy your moves but I have to get them straight and tell them I did it first and you are the KobeKat in this case. I had surgery on April 24th and will start psychical therapy on May 9th. So trust me when I say I feel your pain and frustration. I know you will return to the game and I wish you a safe and speedy recovery. As for me, at the age of 43 I can honestly say… I’m done playing basketball. I am asking If you would please consider granting my daughter Valencia King, Sports & Entertainment Reporter for KKVI Radio and BCTV out of Dallas, TX an interview to discuss the process and progress it would be an opportunity of a lifetime for her and encouragement for me. A injured mothers request


    Mrs. Shirley Walker-King

  • Louis DeSantis

    So … all of the so, so, so many years that you set the ridiculously high watermark for the league in regard to work ethic and performance, and they chose to “give” the MVP award to the “most valuable player” of other teams … and now, they’re simply giving it to whom they believe the “Best Player” in the league? Wow, how many should you have had? Seriously? Come back stronger than ever!!! If anyone has ever had the mental fortitude in this league to come back from this type of injury, to not only play, but play at the highest levels you’ve set for the league … it’s you. We’re all looking forward to seeing you on the floor soon.

    • Rahj

      I agree but the MVP award is worthless( for real). It’s some little in house award used by the NBA to hype who they like and bait who they hate. They want kobe to complain but He’s not biting(so cool). They hate the greatest team ever The Los Angeles Lakers(it’s certainly not the backdoor Clippers) because their legacy is legendary. And because they hate LA, and the Lakers they hate Kobe. Kobe is the Lakers and the world loves him and they can’t change that.

  • Rkumar

    kobe Bryant is the best nba player in the world. kobe will be back to play stronger than ever to prove who didn’t believe in him.I am Kobe’s best fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Suzy2410

    Warmest Best Birthday Wishes on this special Day and always Wishes of love,laughter,and health to the Whole family. God Bless you all. It is always Great to see you getting back slowly from your injury. You are so special inside out. May whatever your heart desires come true.

  • David clarence Moody

    Kobe, you are one of the greatest players who has set foot on an NBA court. It does not matter if they say you can’t come back from a torn Achilles. It is time for you to get revenge on those critics once the Lakers come back for there 2013-2014 season.

  • KingJay

    Kobe…you are the best NBA player the world will ever see. I know u’ll come back stronger coz u are KOBE, the black mamba, vino. You’ll always get better with age and u wont stop hitting those shots when we need them the most. this season may have been the worst for LA but I know u’ll come back and change all that. Pls don’t retire soon, NBA will be boring without you

  • tranyan

    Kobe you is like my favor and my only/ number one player. I don’t care what people say who’s the best but i kniw that you’re always gonna be number one. Don’t for get about that pr

  • Joseph Andrew G. Kie

    kobe’s magic is simply amazing,waiting for ur return champ.

  • Jasun Noble

    To my Ace in a hole Kobe! At some point in time the body needs rest,sad it had to come this way. its a pleasure to see you put on every nite. get well soon, we have unfinished business!! “Mamba will strike again”

  • Мартин Стојчевски

    jadat meso kopan oriz

  • Bob

    Kobe, this season was a huge disappointment. I feel bad that you got a torn Achilles, but I think you should have done more to win so that you would have been resting for the playoffs around the time of the Achilles injury and not playing 48+ . I’m not gonna try to look smart and give suggestions, but I think I speak for all of LakerNation when I say we expect more from you than almost missing the playoffs and a sweep to the veteran Spurs. The Lakers always had 2 of your 4 superstars, so they should have easily made the playoffs. Good luck in rehab. Come back strong next season and lead the Lakers to a championship, because that is what us Lakers fans expect.

    • Rahj

      Buddy(Bob). You’re the huge disappointment, You weren’t watching. Every one can see that for the past 2 years they’ve(Stearn, Sterling, NBA,Jim Buss) been stripping the lakers of their best supporting players, purposely(sabotage). You knew Howard and Nash and Pau weren’t going to do much from the beginning. Like( Shaq, Carl Malone and Peyton in 2003). A lot of heros are today are hyped up and marketed by the NBA media. they want the older skilled guys out so the young crazy acting rookie teams can win one(silly college ball).
      Everything Kobe does(and he can do it all) someones complaining about it.
      What’s a miracle is that he got them into the playoffs almost single handedly and at a time when they put a ton of stars on the(what are they doing in our house anyway) Clippers who want to replace the Lakers. And still they didn’t go a step farther than the Lakers in the playoffs. whoa-hoa! I wouldn’t worry Bob – you don’t look smart.

  • Jay Brodes

    get well soon!! can Germany speed this process up! i still blame dantoni for this.hope he crash and burns. that said what is done is done..hope he is can have his explosion like this past season..some of his dunks were just filthy!

  • Fanof24

    24- can’t wait for you to get back…hope u visit the doctor who helped you with your knee to get your cells to strengthen the heel :). I am so sick of hearing Phillip promote (or zenmote) his new book by bashing you. Come on…how could a 17 year old who had a coach who didn’t play newbies lead a team…and 23 was no leader….once he morphed into tongue flapping dunkmaster super ball hogg yes double g they were forced to follow him…rememer Pipens book the Jordan Rules…anywhoo get well and get back cuz 24 is one number above 23 so you got work to do! Take Care!

  • Rob

    Bob is a moron. Kobe looked better in his 17th season than Jordan did his last year with Chicago. GTFO Bob. THats what we expect? Everyone knew we wouldnt be that great. Your high.

  • Robertococchi1987


  • Joshua0311

    You have passed Jordan as far as im concerned. I think you are still the best player on the planet. I hope you can return. But if not dont go out like Jordan did. He should not have came back and switched teams when it was to late. If your not 100% you should hang it up, so you can go out on top in every ones mind. God Bless u man.

  • Eric sudduth

    Champ we is not going to sweat. Because u the black mumba kid strike hard
    An do ur thing I beleave in the #24 like did the #8 think outside the
    box an rip it to peices. Your #1 fan. you make me proud to be a la laker

  • Мартин Стојчевски

    Мартин Стојчевски