This will go down as one of my favorite moments captured on film. The stats are insignificant. The drama lies in the fact that in my mind, I know my season is finished and you can see it written on my face. This will be what I look at as I rehab to get back on top. This moment will be my motor.

  • ronakguliani

    u r daman

    • flel

      kobe is awesme

  • Sue Smith

    You are only 34 years, worth over 200 million dollars and you won’t give your mother a stinkin’ $450,000 to buy a house?

    That speaks volumes about your ego and your character. She loved you enough to bore you, taught you, raised you, supported you and yet you’re so mad or hurt or whatever that you will deny her anything? She of all people should be living in the million dollar mansion and be set for life. Learning this news about you recently has completely changed my opinon of the person you are. You are an empty individual if you can do this to your mother. To disrepect her, no matter what may have happened in the past, shows you are immature, selfish and so out of touch with what really matters in life. You never know what tomorrow may bring but once your parents are gone you will have to live with yourself and your decisions for the rest of your life.
    It’s only money, Kobe.

    • Blotting out ignorance

      You’re right. He doesn’t know what tomorrow may bring or what may happen after his parents are gone. However, he knows he will not get his $450K back once they are gone.

    • SoulOfAmerica

      Sue did you consider that he already bought his mother a house and many other valuable things?

  • Bruce

    Wow, to Sue Smith, Amazing how you feel so free to tell others how they should spend their hard eared money! At what point did the children become responsible to pay for their parents? You nor I know the family dynamics of what has happened within their family for years. We must always be careful before using harsh words with anyone. God have mercy on us all!