Mi hermano Pau came by and chilled with me for a few hrs. We laughed and joked and talked strategy for tomorrows big game #countonpau #lakersnation #countonteamates

  • your die hard fan

    Kobe, take great care of yourself and hurry back to the court with your team ASAP, pls pls pls

  • your die hard fan

    you’re the face of Lakers and you’ve been missed.

  • lonnieJ

    We could just imagine how you were at home, watching the game nervously like us. You were obviously missed a lot. We may have won but by mere luck; there was no leadership, other than Blake mamba, the others seemed scared to shoot the ball :)

    We pray for your fast recovery. meanwhile, keep inspiring the team, they need you; we all need you. Fight on Kobe!

  • http://twitter.com/Alireza_kobe Alireza and kobe bry

    1Hy my dear @kobebryant hows life?
    I have a good news for you … just please see if you see …