D12 and Jodie “get buckets” Meeks stopped by the crib to check on big bro #countonteamates #lakers #playoffs

  • hhhhm

    only focus is to ignore my messages on your high Facebook iq account page . good and healthy recoevry . sending my comments from where i live . Casablanca – nassim islane you have to buy a court there lol . or just play in morroco for king 6 sake .

  • C

    kobe, have gary or judy look into cissus quadrangularis for your achilles. it’s a natural herb that has been shown to rebuild tendons/ligaments/etc. i’ve been taking it for a bum elbow and 1 month later, all good.

  • Mae

    Kobe, I just want to say I wish you a speedy recovery and also to say thank you for always bringing your best everytime you’re on the court. You sacrifice your body and give it all you have each and every game. As a huge Laker fan, I just wanted to say Thank you and I’ll miss seeing you on the floor with the guys, but I know we’ll see you again. LOL and keep smiling! Take care. Mae

  • laker4life913

    die hard lakers fan here stationed in japan (u.s. navy). good to see all your team mates giving you support (may the doubters fuel your return).. it is trully a critical part of recovery. i still remember when you beat our cathedral prep rambler’s in the state championship game. who would have guessed you would have become the greatest player all time by far exceeding MJ (are you kidding me he had craig ehlo gaurding him… lol). anyways, hope you have a speedy recovery and play 4-5 years more but thats just me being selfish. take care and god bless… looking forward to your return!