This is what my friend/agent sends me this am. Shiesh! #kobe #motivationsunday I’m keeping track of all doubters and haters #mambamentality

  • hallie

    it must be tough to be the focus of so many peoples opinions and scrutiny. you have it within yourself to achieve your goals that’s obvious. make em eat what negativity they send your way. I believe you can do it, if you choose to. hallie

  • vannessa

    Hey , just keep that foot up.worry about nothing else. Good luck .my son is one of your biggest fans.I had that surgery last May, Ouch!

  • Alexander M. Garcia

    I’ve seen players come and go. Kobe you are the one!!!! I wish you the best for you and family. Los Angeles is waiting for you’re come back. thank you for being the best

  • antonell

    Hey kobe, ur the best…. I wish I could play like u and had ur skills u the man..I’m a girl but I think ur the best one day maybe we can get a one on one.. stay up man…