It’s official! I started an instagram account (@kobebryant). You can follow me to track my comeback journey #determined

  • Charles Ryan Cabasa

    Hi Kobe. Praying for your fast recovery. You can easily overcome this one.
    from one of your million fans in the PH.

  • The Tovar’s

    Hey Momba, Sorry but my two boys 5-9 think you are still in momba mode as rehab will take all your focus. My oldest said why can’t
    Kobe just hop on on leg and play against SA tonight? Good question If he could he would I replied and if it was a game of horse I would take that bet. We bleed purple and gold and that is hard being in Oregon but LA transplant. My oldest son’s middle name is “lake” I couldn’t get Magic, Kobe, Shaq Daddy, Little Black Momba or Jabbar I thought hey “Jabbar” how can my wife deny that one? Ha HA. My boys aked me where can they send you a get well card they want to send you some love? I promised my boys I would take them to see you play Portand when you come to Oregon so I expect to see you at November 2013 game. Please let me know how to get that letter to you.

  • Dominic A. Palisi

    My rehab from knee reconstruction I am sure was nothing compared. 20years later it sucks I could not end on my term. Do NOT let injury dictate your ending. Cannot wait to bring my family of 6 to see u in New Orleans next season. GodSpeed.

  • hallie

    I love to watch you play and am sorry to hear of your injury. godspeed on your recovery, do what is best for you and your family’s future. if you are to return, I welcome watching you perform, and if you were to call it a career, you will always be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. sincerely, a fan, hallie

  • Glenna Bartram

    Hello Mr Bryant. Just wanted to give you some encouragement…I too had an total achilles tendon rupture this year and I’m currently recovering…hopefully starting back to work in the next few weeks! It’s a long recovery, frustrating, and yes painful…but the alternative isn’t that great. And once you get to the point that you’re in physical therapy, you’ll have a whole new look at it. You’ve got a lot going for you that I didn’t have…you’re 16 years younger, and I’m absolutely sure in much better physcial condition! Good luck, keep thinking good thoughts!

  • kd43thunder

    Kobe, you are my role model you are obviously the best basketball player currently and maybe of all time
    if you could follow me on instagram @ kd43thunder that would be my dream, i could show it off to my friends
    and id honor it, please consider doing so… It would be AWESOME!!! please respond if you could or bust follow me on instagram at kd43thunder (I do not support the thunder more than the lakers its just that my initials are KD, thank you so much,
    ?(a very supporting fan), also hope you get better, you’re a great fit on the lakers

  • ShirLez

    Yes#TeamMamba all day everyday

  • LA

    Hey Kobe. Wishing you a healthy recovery. We miss watching you play, but are hopeful the Lakers can do this!

  • ohiosmitty

    Kobe keep your head up. Recovery will be successful.