This is such BS! All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I’ve done millions of times! The frustration is unbearable. The anger is rage. Why the hell did this happen ?!? Makes no damn sense. Now I’m supposed to come back from this and be the same player Or better at 35?!? How in the world am I supposed to do that?? I have NO CLUE. Do I have the consistent will to overcome this thing? Maybe I should break out the rocking chair and reminisce on the career that was. Maybe this is how my book ends. Maybe Father Time has defeated me…Then again maybe not! It’s 3:30am, my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from the pain meds and I’m wide awake. Forgive my Venting but what’s the purpose of social media if I won’t bring it to you Real No Image?? Feels good to vent, let it out. To feel as if THIS is the WORST thing EVER! Because After ALL the venting, a real perspective sets in. There are far greater issues/challenges in the world then a torn achilles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the silver lining and get to work with the same belief, same drive and same conviction as ever. One day, the beginning of a new career journey will commence. Today is NOT that day. “If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear”. Ive always loved that quote. Thats “mamba mentality” we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer. I know it’s a long post but I’m Facebook Venting LOL. Maybe now I can actually get some sleep and be excited for surgery tomorrow. First step of a new challenge. Guess I will be Coach Vino the rest of this season. I have faith in my teammates. They will come thru. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Much Love Always. Mamba Out

  • Bruce Thomas

    Kobe, best of luck to you. This may seem like a strange question, but have you ever taken the antibiotics Cipro, Levaquin or Avelox? These drugs have been proven to cause Achilles ruptures (and a whole lot more) and the drug companies were finally forced to put blackbox warnings on them back in 2008.

  • Bob W

    I ruptured my Achilles at 41, one week after receiving a cortisone shot my doctor said would help. Both of my tendons were sore but I only got a shot in the one heal. After the rupture, a half dozen other Docs and trainers told me the cortisone surely caused the rupture as it dries out the tendons and makes them brittle. I subsequently did a lot of research on the topic and I am convinced cortisone caused my injury. I read that you’ve received many cortisone shots over the years, it makes me wonder if you received any recently. The good news is that you can recover quickly. I played golf in 3 months and returned to basketball in 6 months at age 41 and while it wasn’t my job to rehabilitate the injury, I did work hard to get back. Good Luck, Bob from Lower Merion

  • hallie

    yep, venting is cool when you are down on your back with an injury. I like that you have such an exceptional belief in yourself and in your ability to overcome adversity such as this. I am hopeful that the team will be able to bring home the championship for the fans in LA. I heard before my posts that your surgery has been a success. congratulations and get well soon. if you were to come back and not be the same player you were, maybe you would be better for having to adjust your style. getting old is inevitable. signed, best wishes on your recovery and return, hallie

  • Tosho Temata

    Dont give up, Kobe- your destiny is in your hands.
    If you work hard to come back, you will come back!!!
    All depends of you- IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING…..don’t forgot about this!!!

  • Paul Eador-Nevada, Missouri

    Kobe, when I say I understand exactly how you feel, I mean exactly! I completely shredded mine also just 3 weeks ago. I might even lose my job because of it. I am45 yrs old but love basketball and couldn’t say NO when asked to play. After experiencing that pain I sympathize totally It will be a tough road, but I am gonna make it back so I know you can. Maybe you can come to Missouri and rehab with me. God Bless and Cowboy Up!!!

  • Judith Goldstein

    Kobe, At 59 I shattered my left distal femur. I now have a rod from my tush to my tibia. I know how frustrating your injury is to you. On the other hand, I’m sure you are grateful that you are young and keep your body in such great shape. You’ll be back running up and down that floor in a hot minute. Just think, at least you’ll be able to see if you want to be a coach in your next life!! Remember, if an ole broad like me can recover so can you… love and prayers for a speedy recover. Judith

  • BAchir23_8_1983

    I was 12 the first day i saw you doing a commercial for Adidas, i asked who u are, no body knows you, i did so many research to knows u better u was in Charlotte hornets roaster, i knew it the 17 years old guy is special no like others, i was a Chicago bulls fans cause my dad loved Micheal Jordan and he always say to me that the basketball will never see again a player such Jordan, now am 29 i have learned that Kobe Bryant is unbeatable, and he he is standing up high next to Jordan and the big guys, but its still not the right time for retirement ,this injury should be peace of cake for u, u have know worst…. am from Lebanon and i was planing to go to LA to watch at least one game for Kobe Bryant the legend not because u are just a great player inside the court because you are also a great player outside, and am still planing to go to LA cause i have faith in you and am sure that i will see u in yellow again at staples center fighting for the ring, and all the players and coaches are afraid from the black mamba who was born in 23 august the same date of my birthday, born to be always be a champion and like u always say: we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer. go and get them tiger.

  • Cesar

    Kobe you obviously know how much you mean to this city and this league.
    Yet the appreciation goes beyond basketball. You started as a young
    man with tons of talent and are now just as talented but with a
    greater maturity and tremendous vision. You’ve become the example of
    character and determination and I am sure that alone will ensure
    you will return, strong as ever. See you next year. Ceez out

  • Tako Tkeshelashvili

    Please Come Back More Stronger Kobe !!! <3 <3 <3

  • Tim Bowman

    Hi Kobe,

    I love this rant/vent.
    I just completely tore my right achilles tendon yesterday. I’m a 35 year old husband, father and “weekend warrior” athlete. My wife is currently 39 weeks pregnant, so the injury is pretty rotten timing. I just hope our baby doesn’t arrive when I’m in surgery. It kills me explaining to my 3 year old daughter why I can’t swing her, and thinking it’s going to be a fair while until I can. Also my dad had the same injury 20 years ago and have never ran/jogged/played sports with us kids again. Brings me to tears of fear and frustration.

    So reading about you has provided me with inspiration that I WILL GET BETTER. I WILL PLAY WITH MY KIDS. This sucks, but IT WILL PASS.

    Keep it up and know, as I’m sure you already do, that you’re far more than a basketball player.