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Kobe plays extended minutes, he explains what his only focus is and there are just five games left in the regular season.

  • fred robb

    keep ya head up we goin to the ship watch..

  • Elisa

    Get well soon Black Mamba ! #winforkobe

  • MD

    It really hurts to see it come to this

  • De’Norris Breaux

    Hello Kobe Bryant!! My name is “Deedy.” How are you feeling right now?

    I read your venting status on Facebook (about an hour ago) and I came across something that I had to address……Some advice I want to give you. You see, when you “vent” that’s something that God wants you to do before HIM (in prayer) so that he can see that you’re depending on HIM to fix your situation. Don’t have Faith in your Teammates, Have faith in GOD, because HE is the Provider. He is in FULL Control, this didn’t catch him by surprise. God sees and he knows what you’re going through. He wants to see if you’re going to lean and depend on HIM to see you through your situation. If you have Faith in GOD, then HE will provide everything else. No matter what you do, Always acknowledge GOD (1st) and He will direct your path.

    For future references……(in my own words)>>>”Always remember the word -AND- never goes before the word/name -GOD- in the time of acknowledgement”.

    Continue in Prayer because that’s where Change and your Strength comes from…….God Bless You Ko O:)

  • fan

    The greatest player of yhis era. God bless yoyu.

  • BryantLu

    I’ll wait for you back, Kobe !!!!

  • Nana

    Kobe you are a great player!!! I know you will comeback from your injury. Get well soon!!

  • Nana

    Kobe you are a great player!!! I know you will comeback from your injury. Get well soon!!

  • Edward G. DaMonstah Robinson

    Love you Mamba!!! Get well soon.
    #CoachVinomode #24!!!

  • Soldier

    Kobe Bryant, Im active duty Army with 28yrs time in service. I follow what I think is the best players in the game and later brought my son into the same way of thinking. You can imagine after 28yrs of service we have to develope devices that relaxes us which some are entertainment and excitement of sports as Soldier while at home. I like and think there are a lot of great players past, present and future in the NBA. I started with Doctor “J” then move to Micheal “Air” Jordan, I started my son watching MJ at a young age. When I saw your game it showed me that as MJ took Doctor “J” game to another level, you took MJ game to another level! My son is a die heart KOBE fan and practice on his own all the time everything that he see you do. I wish you a healthy speeding recovery! You have my vote for MVP!!!!!!! I’m an Airborne Soldier and have had many injuries some from jumping out of aircrafts, but came back and jump again nothing you have not done all your career. Take your time and come back when you are ready, but do come back.

    CSM Blake

    Soldier for Life

  • Manny M

    Good Luck Kobe, keep your head up! Tore both Achilles and a right bicep! Still going strong as a LEO at 46. Play hard, pay hard, but you’ll be fine! Still remarkable and a lot left to do! I’m from SoFla, but still wish you and your family the best!

  • Lencho

    Kobe I have seen you play through so many injuries i know you will come back. stay strong be hopeful, I will keep you in my prayers so homey GET WELL SOON.

  • Matt

    All the best for you Kobe. It was a shock for me to hear about your injury and the rest of the season will just not be the same. I know you’ll be back!

  • mragent

    you are incredible Kobe the best in the game you can do it well see you back. Go Lakers much love god bless. From a Cali boy Neal agent usaf

  • Elijah

    leggo kobe

  • seven112002

    MR kobe get well soon ,bc you are the best so now i m not going to watch the nba to you came back. bc no nba if its no KOBE.
    ali from philadelphia .get well soon

  • Michelle Lee Duvall

    Kobe we’re in this recovery with you every step of the way!! L.A. forever..

  • KingMC

    i think we gne concore the play offs thanks to steve nash the blake mamba and pau! gasol and superman

  • rfrfe

    Get well bro

  • Donald Schmidt

    if they waive Kobe i waive the Lakers forever. i will root against them for the rest of my life!!!!

  • Donald Schmidt

    You have been my Favorite Player For a long time Thank You Kobe MUCH MUCH RESPECT TO YOU!!!!!!

  • arnold

    hello kobe! I’m arnold from the Philippines…. get well soon idol!!!!!

  • ydluv

    I miss you Kobe, Lakers cant do it without you…. I feel very sad Lakers players looks like don’t know how to play basketball without you….

  • DeAnne L Robinson

    Kobe fan, Laker fan 4 life! Get well soon peace and blessings to you and yours.
    Nice website just sent your web address with my son.
    <3 You!

  • Lee Ricarte-Cantos

    HI KObe..Im Lee from Philippines…i cried a lot when i saw u went down..hurts me a lot..praying for your fast recovery…I wish to see u in person here in Manila…love you to death…Get well soon…big hug!

  • Jimmy jean

    Hey Kobe, my name is jimmy from Stamford ct I’m in love with you as a player i love watching you when you play. Listen I believe that God will put you back into your feet again. One thing I want you to know that everything happens for a reason therefore the fact that you don’t get the ring this year, don’t worry the 2013-2014 would be your year then you will celabrates your ring trough your retirements. What you hear their say keep your mouth shut than let’s God fight for you. Like the Bible said in Exodus 14:14 stay in silence and God will fight for you, believe me or not next season would your season Manba. I pray God for you trough the season for you not feeling anything pain at all after the injury that you went trough until your retirement time comes. May God bless you and your family, peace and love.

  • francisco vegazo


  • Paytc


    Stay focused! We know you’ll come back stronger.

    All the best,