Only focus is New Orleans #Zenmindset

  • killacode

    I am probaby the number one Kobe hater….But have grown to respect you over the years….Though we all make mistakes….I am offering my full support your healthy return…I am distraugt over you injury and pray for a speedy recovery….you dont deserve that….grandmother used to day the our bodies are ungrateful…for alll the work put into them..they (our bodies) never remember…Get better soon…Probably the highest.. praise.. i have ever heard of anyone was….” ” is fucking nesscary….i will try again..Mr. Kobe Jellybean Bryant is fuckin nesscary…get better soon!!!!!!

  • Raj

    U probably have millions of fans tellin u what to do. a lot of voices telling u that ur done and all but U’ve been the man all ur professional career and I know u will come back stronger than ur last game if u choose to come back. But remember, YOU CHOOSE. Not the rage, not others but YOU. I’m a nobody but I know that u understand what I’m saying. I know the sixth one is on ur mind and u want it but u already have 8 if u ask me. Three of em wait for u no matter what. Good luck big brother. Hope I didn’t step over the line.

  • imfor24

    Kobe you will overcome, you always have and you always will. Put yourself in a good place and heal well. My thoughts are with you my brother.