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Kobe gains ground on MJ, and big playoff implications tonight at Staples Center. That and more on the Kobe Minute.

  • Anthony

    if he wants it 1

  • Nick Kyle Roberts

    It’s easily proven that Kobe has surpassed MJ already! Compare Kobe and MJ’s statistics both starting at age 21. Look at points per minute. Kobe Bean Bryant is ahead EVERY YEAR! MambaFan out.

  • imani24

    He is just the best period!!!compare the stats

  • Kobegirl

    No oneelse but KB24 is the best for me!!! I love mamba and i will support lakers as long as koe is still in the lakers. Go kobe !! You re truly the prince on the floor!!😘

  • Jorge Bautista

    Kobe Byant,….. G.O.A.T! I am a kobe fan before anything, I admire Kobe and only wish him the best, I know MJ is a legend, but KOBE is the G.O.A.T……. Best wishes Kobe,.. now lets go get that ring ! My prediction is this: Kobe will end his career with 7 rings, and why? because NOBODY DESERVES IT MORE THAN KB24, hardest working man in anything! RING RING RING RING RING RING RING,……hello?

  • Ladymamba24

    I wish Kobe would gun for at least #2 on the list because that would mean he wouldn’t retire anytime soon but I guess that’s just my selfishness as a Kobe Fan talking.

  • Koolio

    Kobe Bryant will be first

  • Sajeran24

    Kobe Bryant is the greatest scorer in the NBA.
    Black Mamba/ Vino

  • hnnble

    Regardless of where you stand in the all time scoring list. Thanks for all the great performances and memories. Your #1 on my books.

  • Lulo

    MJ did it in far less games played, free throws made and 3- pointers made.

  • Mr. Alderson

    Nick, you fail. look at where it matters the most playoff stats. look how MJs go up. Kobe’s go down. and look how many finals kobe has lost. Kobe has always had a lot of good players surrounding him.

    Kobe is GREAT no doubt, but he is not the GOAT. that will and always will be Jordan

  • whitecasper73

    Forget about close stats. Kobe (and nobody) will never impact the Basketball game as Jordan did. PERIOD.

    • Paytc

      “Magic” changed the game before MJ did.Unfortunately Magic’s health condition shortened his career.

      Sure the NBA was scrambling in desperation to find someone to carry it’s torch after the great Magic.Michael Jordan was the perfect selection.But let’s not forget the NBA and it’s P.R.and marketing folks helped create all the Jordan mania for the benefit and growth of the league.Jordan was one of the greatest players no doubt.But he does not stand alone as the only great or the greatest.Magic,Oscar Robinson,Jabbar,Wilt,West,Kobe,Dr.J,Akeem the dream,Elgin Baylor,Russell,Frasier,Bird,Iceman Girvin,Mc’adoo,Connie Hawkins,and many more paved the way, and impacted the game.Our creator didn’t stop creating great players at Jordan.There were a few greats before, and there will be more after ,the great one Jordan.

      Jordan is the most celebrated.But not the only great player.

  • Terri Huffman Glasgow

    kobe, you can’t quit till you break mj’s record…. i have no doubt, that you will recover in record time!! OLD age comes soon enough. you are NOT done yet.

  • cooks

    Kobe is the best player ever
    And that’s it…
    Get well soon kb24 your the best

  • realtaaaalk

    kobe always had a lot of good players surrounding him? really. look at Jordan. people whos saying this probably ONLY watches jordan highlights. they don’t even kno the name of those good players on Jordan’s team. Scotie pipen, Dennis Rodman.. they were one of the most dominating players in the game. Horace Grant. best rebouder on the team at the time, 3rd best scorer.. YOU’RE SAYING ONLY KOBE HAD GOOD PLAYERS? FORGET ABOUT MJ VS KB FOR NOW. COMPARE KOBE’S HELPER TO JORDAN’S HELPER. OBVIOUSLY JORDAN’S WERE BETTER -_- seriously stop fanboying over jordan when u only heard bout him then start watching his highlights. TIME has changed. maybe kobe havent reached his level?( depends on ppl’s opinion ). but its not impossible to be a better player than jordan. I agree jordan had a great impact on basketball. tht will never change. but stop saying no one will ever be better than Jordan.

  • Ramazan Apak

    kobe kobe kobe sadece kobe herşeyiyle kusursuz BLACK MAMBA

  • Romka

    MJ is the father Coby little sun :)

  • lajoe

    What’s up Kobe bro!! I grew up watching Magic J. When you came to the Lakers I thought what is Jerry West doing, LIKE ALWAWYS HE WAS RIGHT HIT THE WEIGHTS AGAIN BRO AND DOMANATE AGAIN GET YOUR 6th RING, SHOW THE WORLD LEBRON IS WAY OVER RATED HE WILL NEVER HAVE YOUR TURN AROUND POST MOVES. COuld tell the year you laid back on the weights. LAJOE…. RIP-DR.BUSS#$%&…

  • Phillip Ed Miller

    KOBE is just 675 away from Jordan for third all time leading scorer in history and just 5311 away from Malone for second all time. He can overcome Malone in less than 3 seasons on the pace he is currently at. Kobe has average of 1999.6 Points per season for the past 5 years and that was with the 11/12 season injuries that sidelined him a while where he only had 1616 points that year. He easily can average over 2000 points per game the next 3 years barring injuries and surpass Malone. He will be at 37,300 or so by the end of the 16/17 season. And who knows if his health is good might as well go for Kareems record WTH…

    1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
    2 Karl Malone 36,928
    3 Michael Jordan 32,292
    4 KOBE BRYANT 31,617
    5 Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
    Kobe will be the most talked about athlete for years to come. Our whole family love to watch him play we go as a group. All 15 of us. I know Pau will bring it this year I hope Kaman and Young shine. If so he we go to the playoffs again!!!
    You have our support KOBE, KICK some …
    Phillip Ed Miller and family…