Great day with the fam. The bunny was very generous with the amount of eggs he left hidden :-) our babies had a great time searching for them… Many blessings!

  • Cheryn Noll

    Hi Kobe, just wondering if you could send a birthday message to my son Daniel.He really is inspired by you..He will be 16 years old on the 21st April 13 .I know that would make his day.He’s been through a rough trott and I feel this would cheer him up.He also plays basketball, and is 6ft 3′. Have a great day. From his mum, Cheryn Noll, Adelaide, Australia. You could send it by email perhaps. x

  • Tracie Harris

    Where are the kids in this entry? and why does Vanessa smell so bad? I saw her last night and she smelled like dung. I know that none of these photos of Kobe and vanessa are current because she doesn’t even look like this anymore. One photo says she got the blonde hair, the very next day she thinner with the long black hair, the very next day she gained a whole lot of weight and got yet another weave. My, —– she takes unbeweaveable to a whole nother level. Back to the smell issue Yeah, she stank as of November 13, 2013 I do not know what year she operatin in, but she got problems and Rickets what ever that is.
    sorry Kobe but I had to tell the world about your new fiance soon to be married to a doctorate from Harvard
    Dr. Harris