Its an honor to put on the Golden Armor every day. Laker fan or not, respect all that Dr B's vision has done for sports #immortal

  • Nate Konen

    Kobe Bryant, what can I say about you? Not enough. Thank you so much for all the brilliant basketball you have shown me over the past 17 years. You entered the league when I was 5 and as soon as Michael retired I was an instant fan. I have never seen someone want to win or have the will to win like you do. You are my idol and you are seriously convincing me that you are the best to have ever played the game. I went fricken crazy when you did what you did against the Hornets & again tonight. Are you serious? I got to see you play last year in Chicago and it was awesome. Even when your team isn’t in the zone you seize every moment. Good job Kobe. Playoffs 2013 is going to be fun. See ya soon bro.