Count on the sun to shine. Count on the rain to fall. Count on snakes to bite. Count on grass to grow. Count your blessings. #CountonKobe.

  • Eggjuice

    Sweet commercial! Who does the voice over?

  • SinanBuric

    Kobe is bestttt goo kobeeee my legend win this year 6 ring

  • IcountonyouKOBE

    Kobe, you will do basketball across the universe a great favour if you stay until you’re 40. PLEEEEEEEEEASE DON’T LEAVE, THERE IS NO ONE TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY IS as GREAT as YOU came to the league yet. I’m a guy, I don’t cry. Please, don’t make me cry. YOU ARE THE NBA! DON’T GO YET, you hear ME?!!!!!!!!! AND DROP A HUNNET ON THEM! BRAKE WILT’S RECORD! NOW! YOU DON’T GET YOUNGER – so might just as well start doing it))))) I know you have enough power of will and impeccable skills. Just up your vert and explosiveness a lil in the gym and you’re good to go. +100 POINTS – THE WORLD IS WAITING!!!!

  • no. 1 fanl

    I like this short clip kobe takes everyone to school ,kobe if there is a chance for the title still go for it.
    Nothing beats a fall than to try ,sometimes the battle is hard,and that is when we must bring out the best.
    You and your team do what u do best is win ,and you know how because you have five rings and you want two more.

  • jalen

    I think alot of these writers are looking at present kobe (17 years into the league) instead of his Overall Career…. The man still holds the record for 12 3-pointers in a game, 9-9 3-pointers in a game, he OUTSCORED an entire team in 3 qtrs 62-61… 81 points… countless of game winners.. unbelievable comebacks… has won just about every award worth winning (there’s soo much more) and has done this all with the daunting task of being better then the best whose ever done it… I can’t remember another player who has embraced the challenge as much as kobe has…

    What makes kobe so amazing is he got this far through hard work… He doesn’t have the height and length of Kevin durant.. the size of LeBron.. doesn’t have hands like MJ did.. and besides his incredible highschool career and everyone in search for “the next MJ,” he really wasn’t ever suppose to be in the discussion of one of the all time greats… He wasn’t drafter #1 .. he was drafted #13

    What makes someone and all time great isn’t only the championships and awards… It’s the STORY!!!! .. it’s the perceiverence.. it’s having everything… ( Shaq payton malone phil jackson) then LOSING it all … watching shaq win a championship without you… while your struggling to make the playoffs and watching the league prepare for a new era ( melo bron)… just to say STOP… IM NOT DONE YET … and rebuild and fight and earn everything back… and in the process watch people who were destined for greater fall in comparison to you…
    Reading some of these writers speak about kobe as if he was clyde drexler, just in the conversation of being compared to mj, put on amazing performances but just not good enough, is an OUTRAGE…
    Kobe has overcome it all and deserves to be in your top 2

    • Ankur

      Nice I enjoyed reading this. And it is so true he has had to earn everything. He never had god gifted talents like Durant or lebron. Kobe works harder than anyone and u can see that in his game. Who can make the toughest shots in the league, Kobe bean Bryant! Why, because he works at those kinds of shots. True greatness!

    • Anthony Sortino

      True words…….

  • Anthony Sortino

    MITICO ! GRANDE ! Classe da invidiare! Basketball vuol dire solo KOBE !…. Peccato che non sei il nostro Presidente Della Repubblica !

  • jporterkobefantillidie

    i agree with the comment below lebron and kd are good players no doubt but ur the greatest player of all times u own records mj hisself dnt even have.if u retire i truly wud cry no one has impacted the game like u you’re the player all the sports analists love to hate and its becuz ur so great im frm chicago an i dnt even like my own team drose is a nice player but hes nt the black mamba i bleed purple and gold



  • Nestor Griego

    You the man Kobi

  • LuvKBinOC

    Keep CALM And COUNT on KOBE

  • Christabella

    #CountonKobe please don’t get injured and stay healthy. Pleaseeeeeeeee don’t missss the game against Pacers this Friday.. LAKERS CANNOT WIN W/O YOU!!!!!! :)

  • Edgar Aguilar

    #Kobeknowsbest plain and simple

  • rakib

    kobe best player in NBA histiry baby.

  • reymart incipedo

    kobe is the best player in basketball history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aliandkobe Ali


  • Cindy

    I met you once, and my 13 yr old had a crush on you. You amazed me then an you still amaze us, she is 26 now (might still have a little crush) you were such a gentleman to my kids and me. I love my Lakers born in Pasadena so they have always been my team and my heart. All the greats come from the Lakers and you my friend are among them! God Bless

  • imani24

    KOBE=LEGEND ………nuff said

  • imani24


  • Ann

    Worked at the Kobe Camp in 2012—count on me to be there again in 2013

    • Parris

      Unfortunately my daughter was afraid to go after I had already signed her up.
      It would have not been a problem getting her there, but my wife was not willing to back me up.
      I already know how much a difference the experience would have made.I do hope either my daughter will mature enough to go alone, or be able to get a friend and their family, to travel down from the Bay Area with us next year.
      To experience the Kobe camp while he is still active and playing at the highest level must be awesome.
      You are very fortunate to be a part of his camp.Keep up the good work!

  • RitaUnlimited

    Heal completely and then come back to us – crush the opponent, as you always do. We’re not ready to lose you yet, Kobe! No no. We’ll actually never be ready for that!

  • bubbles

    someone spellled kobe wrong lawl

  • lin32432

    2nd best SG ever only behind MJ

  • Vincent Thompson

    Kobe is the greatest and hardest working player in the nba for that Im a happy fan of kobe bryant forever

  • louie

    to all kobe haters Please Count on Kobe!!

  • Benjamin Kobe’s fan #1

    Wishing that Kobe could be able to play against Miami in December 25 2013!

  • Bintou Bouare

    Love you so much kobe..u really gud bball player wana be the female Kobe one day!!!! i jst wish i could get encouragement from you and meet ya one day!!

  • ruben

    those marbel kicks…..

  • Acetine24

    #Count on KOBE! <333

  • boomers mother

    just wondering if its possible for kobe to make a 10 year old boys wish come true? he just wants to meet him.

  • LeBron

    I suck