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  • brevyn

    i know that you love gasol man and i totally dig his talent but the lakers kind of need a younger more athletic power forward maybe like zach randolph or josh smith you could offer steve blake and pao gasol for one of them i mean i really think you are better than jordan that has always been my opinion. i just think if you want to get that 6th ring we have to get a more athletic power forward im a die hard fan man and i will not give up faith

  • Frank

    Kobe,you gonna sleep alright tonight?? I mean you got your 30+ pt game again, don’t worry your teams W-L record your the man, your the GOAT.

  • Mrs. Ponds

    I have a student that loves Kobe. She also loves to play basketball. The shame of this is she is losing her eye sight, and this will
    limit how and when she can play. I would like to get a message to Kobe, and see if he could contact her. Not much, an email, or picture. As a teacher it is very hard to witness what she is going through, but she always is in good spirits. I would like to make her 2nd grade experience brighter. Thank you, Mrs. Ponds

  • beautifav

    Kobe I was a member on this website before you went into construction I am happy you are back . So let’s get started I am a Laker through and through yet lately the big wigs have dealt you and the team a dirty deal first you can not receive sound players to the roster than the coaches you guys have acquire are boo-boo (would love to use another adjective but I am a lady) not to be mean spirited but the current coach mike well let’s say he does not fit the bill he is not using logical etiquette when playing you guys and I agree with Magic Johnson (I use to kick it with Earvin back in the Forum days at his condo in Fox Hills) we were only friends and I would like to make that clear but I had much respect and admiration then and I still do today. He, Magic put it eloquently, the coach has not shown proper coaching ability when it comes to playing the team against other teams he lacks the ability to use adequate judgement and adjustments for whomever you guys are need to change your playing style against whomever you are playing against, and this coach will not do it! This coach continues to run the same style of play night in and night out which really does not fly, plus you have, this my opinion players such as Dwight Howard, who frankly I was leery about acquiring him he is immature he still wants to play the game of I am superman and everybody look I can fly when he can not even jump these days I feel he does not fit in this arena and he wants only to ride on the coat tails of a great players such as yourself he needs to contribute I know his back is still healing and he probably deserves a chance but I swear he looks so insincere and always has that goofy nonchalant look on his face, grow up!!! now Steve Nash he was a pain in the a*** maybe 4yrs ago whenever you guys played the Suns but I am sorry he needs to be more decisive in his handling and orchestrating plays he no longer has the speed or the agility against these hungry young athletes and he needs to use his head to compensate for this lack of use to be abilities from the past.So I think I may of said enough yet I feel strongly that Phil still is the answer after all is said and done Jim buss or should we say Jim bust needs to sit down and get some schooling on this game of management and get the real coach of the Lakers Phil Jackson back on job , he may have to do some kissing A*** but in the long run it will mean you can surpass Jordan and get you some more rings and banners for LA and once again I can laugh at these Kobe haters I have to deal with , oh, one more thing we need Lamar Odom , Dwight Howard can put on his superman cape and take that crooked “S” and go make some other team a promise he can not or should I say will not deliver!!!

  • Norman Torres

    Hey KOBE. This is Norman Torres from Riverside CA. All of these people are talking about how we are losing games. It’s not your defense or offense. The problem is that we have to many turnovers. That’s what the problem is man. I know we can turn this around. We just have to take care of the rock as a squad. I hope you read this and it gets to you. Keep doing your thing KB 24

  • mary dano

    Congrats to you and Vanessa, truly wish you both much success, god bless take care

  • jordan

    you are the best basketball player in the NBA

  • beautifav

    Kobe I left you a post on facebook expressing how admirable it is to be that man who take back his true place in a marriage as a husband to his wife , how hard I know from experience what it is to be married you have to eventually for the good of the union admit your wrongs as well and to just try to be a better man or women. God bless your wife and daughters may seeing their lovely faces inspire you to be a loving father that you are and continue to be responsible for your happiness as well as theirs Vanessa too is not exempt from this dynamic we call ” family ” she has to step up and be that women, mother, and be supportive no matter what and stop trying to follow in her mothers footsteps when it comes to handling her own household God bless you and whatever decisions you make as far as your life goes is respected by me because not only are a god talented individual you are a man who loves his family no matter what the trails and tribulations you may face!

  • Forest Gump


  • Sam

    one of your biggest fans kobe. keep it together and don’t listen to the critics. need to try to spread the ball and let dwight, gasol and nash do their job. you can do your thing in the 4th and bring it home every game. good luck man lets make the playoffs.

  • Ivan Munoz

    Just because the Lakers are losing doesn’t mean you’re not the best player playing in the NBA 😉 Don’t lose your focus and have fun Kobe..

  • no. 1 fanl

    Kobe u are right we need to go back to basics ,I clearly see that.
    Put guys to do what they do best .your still the best nothing can that.

  • Sherman16

    I have so many Kobe haters at my school who are all becoming Heat fans because of their talent and success. The Lakers are gonna turn this thing around I know it! Kobe great thing your doing becoming more of a Point Guard the last few games. I agree with what the earlier person said about Pau. I know he has been your teamate for awhile now but we need a younger more athletic Power Forward that can produce good plays and finish around the hoop with power. It would be awesome seeing Josh Smith in a Lakers Uniform.

  • Yashvi Patel

    At my school, there are almost no Lakers fans because they think the team is to old. It doesn’t matter how old you are, i will always an always be a Lakers fan no matter what anybody says because that doesn’t matter what other people think, it is about what you think about yourself. Always chase your dreams, that’s how you became famous, because you had a dream. I like to dance and play basketball and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do those things.