Kobe takes over the @nikebasketball Twitter handle for the next few days. Be sure to follow him.

  • Sajeran 24

    I’m currently following Kobe Bryant on Twitter

  • ImNotGuru

    Wonderful. 2013 is the year of seeing the images you desire to see. Be the powerful you are meant to be.

  • Mamba Kong

    KB is about to tweet all over that other LA team 2nite. Mamba Strong…

  • http://www.facebook.com/junito.gatillo Victor Laker Laguer

    Kobe a True Legend

  • Hamza

    What’s good Kobe

  • Hamza


  • jordan

    hey kobe i am your biggest fan

  • jordan

    hey kobe what up hope u ge this

  • jordan

    hey kobe hope u get this

  • MoOsE456

    What’s good Kobe, this Moose from Brooklyn, show lebron and wade whose still #1 in the business. Holla, free Palestine

  • MoOsE456

    P.s, first time I seen you play live was at the garden crushing the Knicks with 61, Now that’s BIG

  • Jim A

    Been a Laker Fan since the West and Baylor days and am a huge Kobe fan. So glad to see the new Kobe recognizing what this team needed from him to succeed. Now he is Magic like and still the closer when they need him. High praises Kobe!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/buniglo.lanote Buni Glo Lanote

    hi mas magaling kasa mga mvp ngayon taon haha?

  • katelyn_vazquez

    kobe you are awsome i love how you play basket ball you rock

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.luna.9849 Brian Luna

    Hi Kobe Bryant! You’re probably not going to read this but, I’m your biggest and I only got one question for you: Do you care about haters (people who hate you) because I’m trying to support you and people that I know said that now you’re not doing good at basketball. YOU”RE MY INSPIRATION TO BE INTO BASKETBALL.

  • Mark

    You are the best basketball player ever!

  • Mark

    You are my idol!

  • milad

    no lebron no jordan only and just kobe

  • http://www.facebook.com/gsmbrother Mark Centeno

    since my childhood your my no.1 idol god bless hope to see you in person

  • joe

    nothing to say but great

  • Bibi Angola

    Get down! What a game! Yeah!

  • http://www.facebook.com/skiper.ricocabo Skiper Rico Cabo

    maybe i never know you and never see you but you a re the3 best nba player i am in a whellchair but im enjoy when you win the cgame

  • vetigo2@charter.net

    Kobe… a few calls go against “superstars”…quit whinning or quit.

  • Showboat

    Feed the post and go to the rack (free points at the stripe) then u will get back to back. Only have turnovers for breakfast. I love the game and get on the good side off the refs they will help in the playoffs.

  • ann sweet

    I was at the Lakers/Pacers game Friday night–at the left end of the Lakers bench—saw how much the ankle was bothering you. Thank you SO much for having the courage to try to play. Thoroughly enjoyed your “coaching”! I will be at the Academy in July!

  • http://www.facebook.com/melow.vince Willard Miguel

    Kobe is the Best !!! LEGEND

  • Elly Lazo

    KOBE no. 01 @ all times…

  • letitfly8

    get well soon mamba our prayers are with you lakers4 life!

  • Eric sudduth

    Kobe man take the game cause you are it baby #1 fan