Vanessa is now publicly active on Instagram (@LadyVB24). Be sure to follow, I may be joining soon. Enjoy the game tomorrow, it should be a good one. – Mamba Out
  • Alex

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Goodluck today hope you guys smoke the Knicks!

  • Lorie Cavil


    You and Kobe hold your family down!! I applaud you!! One love…Much love

  • John Rutledge

    Kobe im not sure if this will reach you or not. But ive been a fan since watching you in high school. ive watched every play of almost every game youve played and i almost remember each by heart. i am a true fan of the game and of you. This season has you have played at a extremely high level and it hurts to see the coach waste time and risk breaking up a good team even more. please reach out to the lakers front office and to phil, if possible, and less get this season back to where it should be. youve been the best player on earth since 1996 so its unfair for coach D to waste youre talent, Gasol talent, and Howard’s talent. Even though i love the lakers, i would say if they can get Phil back or atleast try to get him back i would leave them if i was you and let them see the mess they created. but i know if you talk to phil and are able to get him back. the lakers has the possible of another three peat. hope this reaches you