As you all know, I am focused on the challenge of homelessness in LA…continuing to make sure we don’t forget those who need a little extra from us. There is an important film out in LA that you may want to see. I know I will see it.

  • Anette Diaz

    wow Kobe!! It is amazing that you like to share what is going on with you with your fans. i love reading your posts and tweets.. I am a huge fan of yours… :) hope you can reply to me someday on twitter.. that will be my dream!! Many fans like to tweet you all the time to follow them, but you’ll follow me if you want.. I just want a Reply from my favorite player :) keep on posting pics, i love seeing your improvement from that achilles tear! come back strong.. oh, my username is @LALChica_ on twitter.. Just in case you want to reply to me or follow me.. hehe..