By DAVID BRICKLEY | @DavidJBrickley

Kobe Bryant and Team USA outscored Argentina by 25 points in the 3rd quarter to stay a perfect 5-0 as they now gear up for Medal round play.

Kobe Minute / Kobe Bryant and Team USA Stay Perfect

  • Jay Brodes

    actually kb dropped 13…11 in first quarter..he is looking good now!

  • Antonio Jones

    I think when it all said and done KB will be the best of all time. In my book he is better than Micheal any day!!!! Stay up KB24!

  • Sajeran 24

    Kobe is going for gold

    • bubba lime

      how you talk to him.
      tell me.

  • hessam

    i love him happy birthday kobe

  • maniya24

    wow i dont thing he is better than micheal but he is 2nd and micheal first

  • bubba lime

    yes kobe bryant better.

  • keddrick

    a kobe learn to pass the ball u ball;ho

  • KB8/24

    Kobe is the Best player in the NBA

  • KB8/24

    I can’t wait when steve nash returns, the lakers will be unstoppable, and hopefully, Pau Gasol will play good and not be traded

  • KB8/24

    the teams in the west that should be worried about are the clippers, spurs, thunder, grizzlies,probably the warriors, and the rockets, even though we dominated them.

  • Kōpī Bryant

    For me… Kobe is the Best~

  • aref

    i like you very much i from Iran

    you have many fans in iran (2000000 peoples)