By DAVID BRICKLEY | @DavidJBrickley

Whats Kobe Bryant been up to this off-season? We catch you up on this edition of the Kobe Minute!

Kobe Minute / Kobe Bryant Stays Busy During Off-Season

  • Jay Brodes

    nice!!! what is the yellow and purple kix kb is rockin in the kobe academy interview and can we please get detail pics of the kix he was rockin at the sprite event in vegas!!! those look guess gold medal/mamba usa edition!!! 

  • Kobegirl

    I love this video !!! Kobe i love kids too… Kids on the camp are so lucky to see you, playing with you too. Thank you for the kobe minute that u shared this cute video. Pls do more uploaded !!! You are so handsome ever !!!! Good luck in your olympic game and for the next season… I miss purple and gold team especially the black mamba play…. ❤❤❤

  • Kobegirl

    I got an email from the lakers nation abut kobe retiring soon. I read in 2 yrs left. Aw !!! I feel sad !!!! I feel empty. Without seeing you on the floor in awhile, i guess my life not complete!!! What more retiring?… Pls add more yrs *smile*

  • Suzy2410

    Kobe  Bryant’s  all motivation, can’t wait to see  him recieving  USA Gold Medal, they have great team,  James Le Bron played terrific Basketball in the playoffs final, very focused especially last minute of the game.Cant’ wait to see Kobe Most of all,  winning his sixth Championship, getting his six ring. He will , I always believe in him, and what he can do when he sets his mind on it.

  • Calebswitzer4


  • Biggest Kobe fan

    Kobe: My favorite player!
    If Kobe were to be traded to the Bobcats, I’d become a bobcats fan.

  • Erica

    Love Kobe <3 <3 amazing &fantastic& brilliant& alwaysthe best

  • Taikeisha Jenkins

    We have followed Mr. Bryant for many years during his professional basketball career. There is something to be said about the “stillness” he exudes in the face of trials and tribulations. With that said, we live in St. Mary’s County, Southern Maryland, a place not known for its basketball programs (football / softball / baseball /soccer rank high). As we have watched Mr. Bryant grow, we made a decision to plan our first family trip as two-fold event. You may wonder what is the relevance of this statement, but here you go. Our first family vacation was based on registering our daughter for the KOBE ACADEMY 2012. While she had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and here the “stories that build character, passion, confidence and faith”, we had our first family vacation ever. I thank Mr. Bryant for who he is, what he represents, what he does for the kids and what he gave to us. An opportunity to be a family. Looking forward to KOBE ACADEMY 2013.

  • pouya24

    You are best player of the world

  • allen marUya

    kobe i love you…..