By DAVID BRICKLEY | @DavidJBrickley

Kobe Bryant beat out Derrick Rose, LeBron James, and Dwight Howard on a recent Top 15 list of NBA players.

Kobe Minute / Kobe Bryant Ranks #1 Above LeBron James

  • kobeisthebest


  • Justice Haggard

    i thought yall said he didnt have a facebook

    • Armando94

      how bout just looking it up. he doesnt tweet

  • Gladzglorioso

    No one else but still The Black Mamba!!! That vids is really true – he ranks #1 and i absolutely agree!!! — Go Kobe !!! Good luck in everything that you do…. I love lakers forever !!! I miss you on the floor !!! Tc and much much love !!! God bless

  • Gladzglorioso

    Jg krngkdg

  • Lloyd Erickson

    i really love kobe bryant

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  • enza

    kobe sei il migliore!

  • ffffuuckkk

    fuck kobe

  • NadeemA

    That’s What’s up!

  • Lori Saname

    He should

  • teddy

    i mean  was there any dough who was the best  kobe bean bryant    the best this is the bestwas  best there ever will be 

  • Danny Shan

    the black mamba always on top big up mern keep the good working 

  • Spaccim

    kobe n° 1

  • Annajoanafrance24

    love yah kobe

  • German_pearson92

    Yeaaaa kob keep doin wat chu do man..u the greatest man ur bbiggest fan! Yg

  • Kobeana Estaniel

    Long live “black mamba”…Simply the best!!,

  • #1kobe fan

    to all you out there let me repeat above Lebron

  • Suzy2410

    Kobe is looking Sharp in  his new look,missed   him  in the finals this year, Sure he will comeback healthy with the same eager mentality to win his six championship with the new addition to the team Steve Nash, Still defense will be the key to win. Phoenix was never a problem for the the lakers.  Wish him  a healthy  summer can’t wait till london olympics games to start, With Kobe on the team, He will aim high for the Gold   along with  his teammates the Top players of the NBA.  All the best always to him.

  • Justin Allstate Johnson

    kobe is the best to play this sport

  • Jorge_figueroa_333

    No one is better than THE BLACK MAMBA!!!

  • Cyfo

    Yeah, the mamba! im your big fan..

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  • Abalos Keith

    truethat! it’s a must!!

  • Dknighten7

    we have KOBE + NASH all we need is dwight and the heat will be done for kobe u can make it happen

  • Damian70

    Fuck Asia Kobe’s real fans are here in the u.s

  • salo24

    I <3 YOU KOBE YOU #1

  • DondonNuqui fr PH

    not wondering why.

  • Bill Albert

    There is no question about that.

  • Lester Adams

    the only thing that I can say is that when everything is all said and done Kobe ” the black mamba” bryant is the best player in the world !!! 

  • Shiven97

    Yeah #24 represent 

  • Kenario Epps (Red Mamba)

    As a die hard Kobe fan, I hope everyone can appreciate his hard work, dedication, focus, and drive to be one of the greatest players ever. So, stop hating and start appreciating. Greatness in sports can not last forever.

  • Tahir

    He is the best in the world,,,,  king of basketball,,,,

  • Rivera 310

    kobe it the best player!!! many haters out there wish u had him on ur team , ill pick him anytime over LBJ the so called the king idk who was the one incharged to give him that nick name

    • R. Washington

      He gave it to himself; all his is is a great athlete but not the best basketball player in the game. With the line up the heat have they supposed to win but not this next season…..the black Mamba has his help in Steve Nash look out
      N.B.A here comes L.A with another championship! Kobe is simply the greatest!

  • Cuate_hr

    the kobe is number 1. best of the best…

  • Lexusbantuas

    he is the  GREATEST among them all

  • Alonzohacha6

    Good job kobe!!!

  • Jonfeyen

    Kobe rigged it Luke walton should be #1

  • Fabi

    always so proud of you!

  • Lyndonolitan

    Kobe better than MJ

  • Chris I

    G.O.A.T when its all said and done!

  • Marcos lepe

    K0B3 the true mvp of the nba better den jebron lames my opinion

  • sherwin……trinidad

    kobe, if you read this, well, thanks, it an honor to have had you represent the lakers…..

  • Lady Gaga #2

    Kobe Deserves Every Award!!!!!!!! He is The BEST!!!

  • R. Washington


  • Paytc


    I am wishing you a fast and full recovery.
    As a big time Laker’s fan ……I do appreciate all you have done for both the Lakers and the NBA.

    All the best!


  • Louis

    KOBE, listen man. i wanna talk to u for a minute. from a FANS perspective. NOT FANATIC, NOT APOLOGIST, NOT A KOBE FAN, BUT FROM A FAN OF BASKETBALL’S PERSPECTIVE. FAN OF THE “GAME” ITSELF. do us all a favor and duplicate your dominance from last year… only this time i wish u GOOD HEALTH THROUGHOUT the entire season. no injuries, no missed games, and i know, championship #6 is in the books.. its just NOT BASKETBALL unless the COMPETITION shows up. everybody knows this. u the only reason basketball hasnt fallen off the map yet. kd and lebron are cool but theres THAT INVISIBLE ELEMENT of the game that we appreciate about YOU that “THEY” dont have. nobody else will ever bring to the game of basketball that kinda HEART, that level of MENTAL TOUGHNESS, and THAT WILL POWER, the “I WILL” part of the game. that “PISSED OFF attitude” part of the game. that part that raises your game, the competitions game, and the passion of the fans to a whole DIFFERENT level. you’re the last of the BEST EVERS….. your FLARE, ur FOOTWORK (smh) NEVER AGAIN. the DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY on ur shots. THE ARTISTRY of ur game… it WILL BE MISSED FOREVER. now in my opinion 6 makes u the greatest ever. to conquer the career scoring title along with 6 plus makes it UNDISPUTABLE that ur the greatest ever. yes, even over mike. longevity, perseverence, endurance, the willingness to force urself to play thru pain, YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR…… it never has been and it never will be matched…..the saddest part about the day u hang up the sneaks, but yet the most AMAZING at the same time? is to have to know as fans, that we were robbed of the 1st 7 yrs of ur career. we all know u were good enough to start as a rookie. to think u were belittled, thrashed, dawged out, and even in some ways sabotaged, from day 1 by coaches, players, teammates, and media to hold ur game back. now THAT,,,,,,,,,,,is the SADDEST thing in NBA HISTORY to me. THAT IS WAT’S GONNA BOTHER US FANS THE MOST WEN UR GONE…in most peoples opinion, ur THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF THIS ERA. (BECAUSE OF THE RESEMBLANCE in ur game). but the LONGEVITY makes u THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. the day u retire? because of wat we missed the 1st 7 years, it makes u THE BO JACKSON to all generations to come. ur LEGEND never dies. IT ONLY GROWS. MUCH LOVE! Louis…..

    • John Willis

      Jordan was the best on his team….and shaq was the best on the lakers when kobe was there and they don’t win without pau gasol, he didn’t help kobe win a championship, he carried kobe….and who knows if kobe was hurt all those times…so there is no way he’ll ever be the best ever

  • Kenneth

    Louis, i really love your message to kobe.