By DAVID BRICKLEY | @DavidJBrickley

Kobe made the All-NBA first team for the seventh consecutive season. This is the 10th time in his career and is now tied for second on the all-time list along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Elgin Baylor, Bob Cousy, Michael Jordan, Bob Pettit and Jerry West.

Kobe Minute / All-NBA First Team

  • Bat Tuya Erka

    i like kobe

  • Constantine Eleni

    So happy for Kobe!! He deserve all honors and accalaids!!!! Go Kobe Go!!!

    • Goldblock2

      Kobe shits on lebron. He got 5 and more 2come he best ever on harborxcrip

  • Rnajeebs

    He is THE MAN, #7 on ESPN List? WTF!?? #1 All the waaaay! ESPN, What are you thinking?!!

  • Suzy2410

    If I think motivation, passion, drive, strong intuition, high potential, High IQ Leadership, confidence, strong believes, loyalty,strong will, hard worker, all qualities embedded in Great players, for the love of the game, and for the joy of winning, Kobe Bryant possess all these qualities, and still learning, looking for ways to be at his best  in  every game, He deserves it and more Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, All the best for Kobe,mostly best of health.

  • gl3nnx

     what a nice video Kobe, congrats!

  • 小桃子~

    Dear kobe, you are my only god !!! I am your crazy fan, a girl in China!!!
    This summer holiday, will you go to JiNan in China ? I am very looking forward to your coming !!!
    I really really want to see you !!! But, it is sad that I maynot have the chance to see you ……Cause I cannot join in the game.
    Maybe, you can never imagine that how  I  love you deeply.
    I really want to meet you and make friends with you.
    your sincerely
    Little Peach

  • Amari2m

    Congratulations on your success!!! Continue doing great work with your Foundation. Working together with end homelessness!


  • Camzbryant

    wow!!!congratulation,,,you really deserve it!! i’m so proud..that you tied with MJ and other NBA Hallof Fame…well good luck again!!!
    lot of love from your no. ! fanhere in Philippines!!!

  • Mr Lee

    Congratulations……. you are a great player keep up the good work God bless………. From Atlanta GA

  • Kobegirl

    Congratulations Kobe ! You made another history in your life. More more awards to come ! I miss Black Mamba on the floor…goodluck for the olympic game. And for the next season… Take care

  • Kobegirl

    How are you sir kobe? Everyday i keep browsing news, articles, videos about you and i saw your disney day with your family. Im glad that you guys are still solid. Family is important in life second to your career. Careers are not for good but family will stay forever. Im one of million fans here in the philippines. God bless you. You are still my idol.

  • LAKER#1

    Kobe is a great player.  My entire family are KOBE Supporters…through thick and thin!!!!!!

  • Rawr_kasakit

     Congratulations on your achievements Kobe. You have made us all proud . Great job, keep it up.From the PHILEPPINES!!!!

  • Eddie Kobie

    That is the spirit, Kobe

  • Lorisaname

    my timing stinks why am i finding out Kobe WAS on Spike after his appearance? I missed him shoot

  • Epitome


  • Jazmine12315

    Wow, congrats! You are amazing Kobe, I’ll always be a Laker Fan for life <3

  • Adams230

    Loved the Kobe minute.Congrats on making the NBA First Team for the seventh time!!

  • Ptrwilliams0318

    yea kobe!!!

  • Yogi_mamba

    wow …kobe bryant mongolia kobe

  • Bollou stephane papitou

    my name is bollou papitou i love the new generation but i think that kobe is the number one all the players are inferior to kobe because he is best he will get many prizes but lebron doesnot win respect and consideration

  • apple may quinto

     Congratulations on your achievements Kobe. You have made us all proud. Great job, keep it up.From your fan here in the Phillipines!!

  • Lauroabigail

    GOOOOOOO KOOBEEEE!!! wuuu! rock on……!! whoever people are in finals now,,, u are still simply the best among the best!! 😀
    LAKERS is unstoppable….
     from your avid fan here in the philippines

  • melissapillias

    CongratuLations KOBE ! You deserve it. You Da Best PLayer.. Keep up the good work!!

    • 1191889205

      good   job

    • #1kobe fan

      yup he does deserve it kobe you are the best

  • MzKObe

    i love love love love love kobe i want 2 marry him 4 real

  • Eduardoo Davila

    Kobe. Whats up. Im Eddie from East L.A. I doubt you`ll get this tweet or whatever its called but its worth a try. Just want to congratulate you on an amazing career your having so far. Im a die hard Laker and Kobe fan and look up to you as a player and as a man.  I look forward to continueing to watch how your game continues to grow as great as it is now. I have a feeling we havent seen your best yet and thats saying alot obviously, as many things as you have acomplished in your career. God bless you Man. Get back to the top where you and the Los Angeles Lakers belong.   Peace.

  • Nakia998

    i love u, kobe

  • Annajoanafrance24

    kobe is still the best player in the nba and he is the most charming nba player…love you kobe!!!

  • Ramirez Espy

    Congrats Kobe, you are beyond the best and I’m your biggest fan..
    I love love love you:)

  • Alex_vw85

    Your the best but ur teammates let you down ….lack of communication out of sync .. I really hope it was the new coaching staff and new playbook.. If not looking at long couple years left.. Go Kobe an lakers!

  • Spencer lazosky


  • Braxten

    KOBE iz amazing!! i love him sooo much. OMG :)

  • K. C.

    go for 2 more, make history !

  • Sofia Csiffaryova

    My most favorite player! love you kobe! Would you be my coach ?

  • Vrobles123

    Keep up the good work Kobe one day when you retire people will know who really is the best basketball player who ever play the sport even better than Michael Jordan and lebron it’s not even within the discussion. Go lakers and god bless you Kobe for being the best at what you do and fighting for my lakers in are teams up and downs……

  • Igor

    Well Done Kobe! Great work! You`re the greatest in the world! With love from Russia!

  • Lexusbantuas

    wow….congratulation to kobe…………….MVP MVP

  • Lexusbantuas

    …….KOBE greatest player of all time……..

  • Jer0m3_24

    black mamba…

  • Dg2571

    @KobeBryantNews What’s the strategy? Give it to Kobe…! What did Magic Johnson say? Give it to Kobe..! What did Phil Jackson say? Give it to Kobe, then Kobe turned around and gave him some rings..! What did Nash say? Nash didn’t say anything he just passed the ball to Kobe..! What was the result? A bunch of money and some rings..! What did Kobe say? I went say thanks, and he just said your welcome..!

  • Marcus

    I think he should go for one more!!!!