Kobe Minute / Game 6 LAL vs. DEN - KB24

(David Brickley – Twitter: @DavidJBrickley)

Laker fans were a little uneasy on Thursday afternoon when reports came out that Kobe Bryant missed shoot around prior to Game 6.

The official diagnosis was Gastroenteritis and Bryant was a game-time decision leading up to the game.

However, the ‘Black Mamba’ surprised no one when he suited up and gave it a go. After the game he described his situation prior to tip-off saying, “My [hotel] room resembled a scene from The Exorcist.”

Bryant fought through the stomach virus and scored 31 points on 57% shooting.

However, the Nuggets were too hot for too long as the Lakers dropped Game 6, 113-96, to force a decisive Game 7 at Staples Center on Saturday night.

Game 7 will also mark the return of Metta World Peace after serving his seven game suspension. Bryant was asked how big the return of World Peace would be to the Lakers:

“He’s one guy I can rely on, night in and night out, to compete, play hard with that sense of urgency and play with no fear,” Bryant said. “It’ll feel good to have him at my side.”

Bryant, World Peace, and the rest of the Lakers have no choice but to pull out a win on Saturday night if they want to continue their season. That game is set for 7:30 pm PST and will be televised on TNT.

QUESTION OF THE SHOW: What is your prediction for Game 7, and what Laker other than Kobe will step up in this win or go home situation?

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  • nikita johnson

    my prediction is always the same you may get us and look like you gonna win it and as usual lakers are down for whatever, down to the wire,buzzer beater team,like kobe in the 4th quarter, laker down by 2 points with 2.5 seconds left on the clock and swish hit a 3 pointer win by 1, I am not worrying I see the dynamics of this team and the  struggles and the resolutions I’ll support and have mad confidence in their abilities whether they win or lose! I’ve seen this very situation  in the past playoff series and without a doubt they have prevailed. Good luck lakers on friday game 7 and I have every faith that you will overcome god bless kobe and your laker conrades!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rzebro Bartłomiej Żebrowski

    D-Bricks i love that you got to host this show – been your fan loooong in Voince of the Nation! Good for you mate! Sitll got your autograph!

    And i know that Kobe wont let his team to panic. He is a good leader on and off the court and he will speak to them as a veteran 7gamer. They can do it, Nuggets bigs ? Come on… McGee ? Seroiusly?! I think that next game other than Mamba Lakers should show that they still got it. They can’t count for him to bail their ‘bad night’s every-f****-time!

    Bynum – you want to be second option ? your want to be new face of the LA ? PROVE IT !

    Gasol – you don’t like beeing called Gasoft ? well show them that you don’t give a damn with you footwork, mid range game and Hakeem style of play

    Metta-Metta – don’t act like you just got here – you’ve been plain with theese guys for soooo looong, ” i didn’t feel warmed up with the chemistry after few games missed” will not gonna cut it press conferences (witch you love so much)

    Blake – aim the damn three – shoot the damn three, it;s that simple, we all love you for it

    Sessions – time to step up. you got it in you you showed us before. test awaits you – go big or go home. welcome to the real purple and gold uniform.

    Coach Brown – dont try to be next Phill, be the new Brown. theese guys like you, listen to you, and that don’t come very often arond here. make use of that defensive mastery you got up you sleeve.

    There’s a guy in East Poland that BELIEVE in you, and he have couple of milion fans with him. You don’t have to prove us nothing, but you can prove the haters (“Lakers are old, lost their chemistry, lost their game, make some space for new people”) that they are dead wrong.


  • Notikmuzik

    Having attest back will help out. Let’s do this lakers. Hope Kobe feels 100% We need that explosive 4th quarter not the 2/10 shooting.

  • Kyle Wheeler

    Kobe cant do it all for everyone, he needs Ron / WORLD PEACE ! WP is the Lakers Bill Lambeer, every Championship team has had one and needs one to win the big game. He is the ” PEACE ” LOL they are missing and the Nuggets will go down. I see KOBE and Labron SHAMES going at it for this years Championship the NBA needs the hype 

  • AkwyG3

    Hey David my prediction is the Lakers are gonna win that seires on game 7 but they need to step their game up for the upcoming thunder, all the players need to beon the same page for that seirs to even have a chance at the championship!!!

  • Pamela Gaines

    I think Kobe played the game like he normally does, but he just didn’t have no help and I’m so glad that Metta will be back I do believe that the LAKERS will win game 7, but it have to be a team effort. Kobe needs help to win this game. GO LAKERS GO!!!

  • Mia

    Purple and Gold baby all the way to the championship.  This is a championship-caliber team; I feel it; but they (not u Kob) have to act, believe and play like they are—i know its easier said than done; but they have got to step up their game (again not u Kob)!!  All the way team and welcome back Meta.  

  • N24noelC

    kobe all the way to the 6 tittle championship and i’m exited for that…… Go for it Lakers …..

  • Davepono

    Andrew Bynum is about to drop 30 points along with Kobe’s 30 points.

  • will

    come on  fighting kobe 

  • Heros

    I just cant stand the mediocre Lakers fans who have all become Clippers fan all of a sudden .
    Lakers proof to those poor bastards that you are the best in the west.
    I want to see OKC to go down by our Lakers and have another 0.3 second 3 pointer at the end against San Antonio.
    I have faith in my team and I know they will pull it off. GO LAKERS for life.

  • steeve #24 irvington nj

    every team plays a bad game thats what to the lakers in game 6,  just come out in game 7 and kick their butt. #kobeyoutotuff

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UUU7SWNSJ7IOWBLLVTCLLEPYWQ 铭倩

    Love  and  believe  you,becase  of  you,NBA becomes more   exciting.  I  hope  you could  be  care  about  your   body.The  fans  in   CHINA   are   waiting   for  you.  LOVE    LOVE   LOVE

  • Salo Machallo

    Wish luck for game 7

  • 865354781

    come on   go go LAKERS
     Black Mamba you not one   
    we behind you forever and ever 

  • Jokyd1


  • JCamp

    I for see Kobe’s teammates showing up big time. Especially the Bigs! Look for each of the bigs to have monstrous games. Double digit stats in the first two columns. Metta world peace’s defensive presence will be huge!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sanjay-Christopher/100000399942349 Sanjay Christopher

    Bynum will finally shut up and play hard today, Meta World Peace will be the hustle guy, Denver will fold in the 4th period.  Lakers win and advance.

  • Suzy2410

     I don’t know how Did  Kobe play  Game 6, I hope  he got some rest, and he is feeling better, If the Lakers wants it badly they will get it,they got what it takes, I know Kobe is. Defense  Strategy will be the key, when a laker got a shot, shoot, don’t pass the ball around.  Fight for the ball, rebounds, Be aggressive.  Let’s Go Lakers, A win in Game 7, will set your mind big   ,build up more confidence in yourselves, your game will jump to a higher level.  Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnathan

    i think thell win but kobe willl proble have 14 points and steve blake will score 4 three pointers but kobe is THE WORLDS BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER                 [HES BETTER THAN JORDAN]

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Leon-Hsueh/100003877622378 Leon Hsueh


  • Joe .

    i am your fans  all i would  support you  faighting   you  will get the  champion  again

  • relo martinez

    kobe probably coaches the lakers.

  • Suzy2410

    Lakers Face Oklahoma second time in the playoffs, this time second round.  Oklahoma  are good in finding  second chances,on rebounds,on finishing their team’s shot,on stealing . the paint is their comfortable place to be. Lakers should play some defense strategy at the paint,Go for the offensive foul, Oklahoma loves to drive to the paint. Play defense on their key players.interupt their  game momentum.
    Lakers shouldn’t hestitate in taking open shots,Take Care of the ball,defends  the paint,  Go for the Win, let it Be A Collective effort from all the team,  Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Metta World Peace  was right, Game 7 Wins against Denver was a Collective effort.

  • Mohammadbryant50

    Lakers never stop
    Kobe bryant never stop

  • mohammad

    i like kobe bryant happy birthday