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(David Brickley – Twitter: @DavidJBrickley)

Game 5 was yet another classic game for Kobe Bryant.

He scored in double digits for the 164th consecutive playoff game, He finished the night with 43 points, which is the 12th time he has scored at least 40 points in a postseason game.

The Lakers trailed by as many as 15 in the 4th quarter. That’s when Bryant went all “Black Mamba” on the Nuggets hitting four three pointers. 14 of his 43 points were scored in the final period.

The thrilling Game 5 at Staples Center had everything a Laker fan would want except a win.

Bryant missed a three that would have sent the game into overtime in the games final seconds. The Lakers got another shot as Steve Blake got the rebound and kicked it out to Ramon Sessions for a three which hit off the rim just short.

The Lakers fell to the Nuggets in Game 5 102-99. The Lakers lead the best of seven 3-2.

Nuggets Head Coach George Karl said after the game, “Thank god we had a big enough lead, Kobe scares the hell out of me”

After the game Kobe said the Lakers didn’t deserve to get the win:

“I used to have a coach that said the basketball gods did not allow us to win this game today because we didn’t deserve it,” referring to former head coach Phil Jackson. “That’s what I’ll hang my hat on.”

The series continues as Game 6 will be Thursday up In Denver at 7:30pm PST and will be televised on TNT.

  • Anonymous

    “The basketball gods…” …..I like that. Keep up the great work Kobe!

  • Pranay128

    Seriously, what does it matter that the media overplays Kobe’s night as if IT were the spectacle. Truth be told, the Nuggets came back in BIG way in this series and destroyed the s*** out of the Lakers in Game 5, leaving a gap too large to bridge and causing serious doubt as to what will have in game 6, in the Mile High City. If Kobe actually DID close out the game, it would be totally understandable how much attention is being paid to him. None of that matters though, because the Lakers flat out lost. Proper credit to Javale McGee, Aaron Afflalo, Ty Lawson, Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried and the rest of the Nuggets, who came into BIG BAD LA and stuck it to the arrogant, cocky and complacent Laker team. Kobe and Phil are right, they get what they deserve. 

    • Fan of the Lakers

       the nuggets didn’t really come back any “big way”…they did what they were supposed to do….they stuck to their game plan….the Lakers allowed the nuggets to beat them by playing poor defense….and having the worst shooting night I think I’ve ever seen them put up…..they were shooting a mere 30% to the nuggets 45% all game….it’s hard as hell to win a game like that…yes, the lakers lacked the energy necessary to close out the series, but to say they “flat out lost” the game is an over dramatization….if you watched the game you would have seen that the lakers were always right there in this game…had they put forth the energy and poise…they could have easily taken this game by the horns…..and won it…

      but….with all that said…..go to another website and complain…and exaggerate the truth…after all….I mean it isn’t like Kobe isn’t a superstar basketball player….people actually want to hear what he has to say unlike yourself…whose opinion really doesn’t matter

  • Woop

    There is no such thing as basketball god’s, there’s only one God & one way. Purplerholic for life= Laker fan for life

    • David Stern

      Shut up!

    • http://www.facebook.com/wilhoitd Daniel Wilhoit

       thank you for that very valuable input…….

  • dandoez


  • Pkruger52

    Great work in the 4th, but the lead was to big to overcome, and we have to look at our defense which allowed such a
    big gap, there lies the problem. The defense needs to get a little more agressive, starting Thursday night.

    I watch every game, and have been since Baylor & West. Tell everyone to get their hands in the face of the shooters
    before they shoot the ball!

    Paul Kruger

  • Hamtekcor

    I believe this game was a set up game for the Lakers to loose so you guys can have Metta back in time for game one next round. I can tell the Lakrrs did not want this game. There were no sense of urgency from the players especially the big guys. You guys turn it on and off whenever you guys want to. Whoever think Denver can win this series against the Lakers when the Lakers really focus is in for really is in for sad awakening.

  • Daryllregala

    lakers lost coz the defense sck 2 big guys not enough i  dont what is lakers couldnt play  defense let the other team big man run on the other side of the court n get a easy lay up man stop that big man thats y  they missed odom and fisher like perkins said gasol is to soft you’re a big man attack that board and the rest of the lakers team play the man on one on one like what their doing to guy put preasure on ur man……………………….

  • Allanregondola

    Kobe did all that he can do on this game,mike brown sucks! The offense is very stagnant and they are very slow to recover on the defensive side! Steve Blake was abused by Andre miller in the post they run that play over and over. The lakers coach should have pulled Blake out of the game and replaced him a bigger defender like Barnes. Bad coaching! Lakers for life!!!

  • Bjjensen

    Praynay 128. Four 3 pointer and 43 points is the obvious headline. Im pretty sure the headline of the game is not going to be “miller notches 24 in nuggets win” Kobe played well it wasn’t his fault. And the nuggets by no means destroyed L.A it doesn’t matter how far they were up they only won by 3. Which is by no means “destroying” and the nuggets can’t win this series because Javale McGee is way to inconsistent… And they only win when McGee has big nights like last night.

  • SeanTaLl

    wew!! how come!!  but still a laker fan!!

  • Exflyer53

    Kobe continues to show up to the games. When do you think the rest of the team will join in?

  • Adam

    they lost because Bynum was standing there like a bowling pin half the game

  • C Selase

    The reason Kobe shoots pooly is that he has change his shot. His shots are flat now or sometimes. In the year 2006 when he scored 81 points und was almost impossible to guard, his shots had the arc and he was unstoppable. Just watch videos on youtube: 2005/2006 and now:

  • Massari Jnr Bryant

    Kobe!!! you are the man

  • pangs0824

    kobe24 is a basketball god!

  • Kobegirl

    Goodluck for the game 6. I will always support you kobe. If you guys win,i feel like a lottery win. But if not, im empty ! My prayers with you forever. And i bleed purple and gold. Still hoping for the championship.. I trusted and believed in my team…..

  • Ehoffman23koel

    Kobe sucks the biggest dick . HE NEEDS TO PASS IF THEY WANT TO BEAT THE NUGGETS DUMBFUCKS!!!!!!

  • Anthonygenova

    laker basketball is the most x-citing. cant wait 4 superman to join the legacy… GO LAKERS GO….

  • Suzy2410

    the lakers should have won game 5, they were careless with the Ball, and they were flat on defense. Kobe will always be Kobe,his drive and passion will always be high.  The Team has to step up on defense big time, Denver Nuggets’s tempo is unstoppable, now that Game 7 is forced.  I miss Fisher at this crucial time.
    Lakers should feel  the high urgency, play with intensity and focus, to satisfy their thirst, and cool down  Denver.