ORLANDO, Fla. — Of all the NBA greats who have headlined the All-Star Game in the past, no one’s scored more than Kobe Bryant.

Every bit as meaningful as the points Kobe Bryant scored Sunday night was the point he made, Michael Wallace writes.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard broke Michael Jordan’s career All-Star Game scoring record on Sunday night.

Bryant needed 19 points to eclipse Jordan’s record of 262 career All-Star points. He broke the record on a fast-break dunk in the third quarter of the West’s 152-149 victory. Bryant, who ended the night with 27 points and also passed Oscar Robertson (246 career All-Star points) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (251 points) during the game, tied the record on two free throws in the third quarter, taking a break between them to wipe blood from his nose after a hard foul from Miami’s Dwyane Wade.

Bryant stayed in the game after the hit, but left to be evaluated afterward and did not speak to the media. The Lakers announced later on their website that a CT scan revealed Bryant suffered a nasal fracture. The team said Bryant is expected to be examined and re-evaluated by ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. John Rehm on Monday when he returns to Los Angeles.

Bryant is a four-time MVP of the All-Star Game, most recently winning the award in 2011 after scoring 37 points in his home arena. He’s tied with Bob Petit for most MVPs.

It was Bryant’s 14th All-Star appearance, tying him with Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett for the most All-Star selections among active players. Jordan played in 13 All-Star Games.

Information from AP / By Zach McCann / Special to ESPNLosAngeles.com
  • Suzanne

    Congrats Kobe. I was so happy to watch you perform last night. Xoxo

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/freshprince/ freshprince

    congrats to the mamba on this great feat! that said hope his concussion is ok and broken nose…in an all star game? hope he can play on wednesday without the mask..hear that is very hard to breathe!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/8ana24/ 8ana24

    kobe u r the best <3 u

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/8ana24/ 8ana24

    congrats kobe <3

  • Justin Pitre

    Congratulations Kobe on another great milestone!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/gladys/ gladys

    Greetings from the Philippines! first i wanna congratulate you for another breaking the record in basketball history. You’re such a great one for me ever. i witness that moment when you hit that score @ all stars just only on live airing and even on replay- yeah! I feel hurt when you had that injury cause by Miami Heat Wade though we know it wasn’t an intentions. In every game, we have to expect that. But to be honest, once u hurt, god knows how doubled hurt I’am and i hate people around who made that to you- grrkk!! =). I was on net everyday to browse whats happening on u, about you injury and really worry a lot about your conditions anyway.As a huge fan- over the net, games of Lakers, collecting pictures @ my FB account, Im really so happy for this world that we have you as a great and handsome player. Unluckily, there is no chances to see you in person when you guys have an exhibit last June 2011. Still watching you only on tv. My prayers with you always and to the whole lakers team especially to your family. Kisses to our Natalia and Gianna. Hope you feel better soon. I’ll see you again “still only on tv”.. Wish i have a “fairy godmother” so dream do come true….

    God Bless You SIR Bryant

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/ladymamba24/ Ladymamba24

    As a true Kobe fan I’m so glad to be witnessing his achievements one by one, he is truly the greatest of our time!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/askaboutdannyb/ danny bryant

    Congrats to you KB24 U D MAN! But I’m wonddering about another issue and was wondering if anyone else felt the same way I do.? I’m talking about the apparent hating D Wade show towards you. Let’s start with the Shaq Miami heat days when LA was playing Miami in Miami and you were going to post D Wade up and you were doing a swim move to get in front of him and your elbow hit his head and he hit you in the chest as if you were trying to elbow him.Then at last years all star game I heard him telling his team that you were going for the MVP. Well I say DAAMMMM Right you are because unlike you these new breed players has made a mockery of the all star game with the exception of D Rose these guys are dancing and clownining around during the game like Howard and those other cats, you really play every game with the intent to win. Even though its an all star game you play every game like you are trying to win which why Lebron will probaly never reach you and MJ’s level. Last thing I got a friend who say you cant gaurd Wade which is BS! If anyone know b-ball should see that he always need a pick to free himself of you, but dont worry my man true basketball fans know the truth and the deal!

  • Michael Adrian Busita

    Kobe for President!!! haha..

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    Congratulations my Big fans Kobe24..

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    oh.just kobe

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/gladys/ kobegirl24

    I don’t know what happen why my long message that i composed last night wasn’t post here. I made a long one to congratulate My Kobe for another victory of his life, for another breaking the record of basketball history. I was watching live airing on tv when kobe reached the scored to surpass MJ. He is a great one for me, a truly perfect and inspired a lot. I hope you feel better soon. I thank god for having you in this world — screaming on tv while you playing. Unluckily, when you guys had an exhibit last June 2011 held in the philippines, i was really sad, disappointed that even a glimpse i havent seen you. Again, only on tv.. And i wish to have a “fairy godmother” so in just a snap magic wand will *boom* me..And i know only god can do anyything to make your dream come true… Please God !! just to see him and it will be my most happiest moment of my entire life…. but Were million miles away !!— take careKB24. and kisses to your Natalia and Gianna

  • cliff federic

    1 step at a time. stay healthy man.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/gladys/ kobegirl24

    Hi Kobe! Victory for all the fans in the world beating the Heat … Take a bunch of care always ! i salute for you! Hoping for the next game to win. i prayed alot for your team to reach the goal… but win or lose, you have my support. The Lakers-Miami game aired this morning @4:30am and i woke up early just to watch ,to support, to yelled and to pray especially. god bless you and your family too. Kisses to Natalia and Gianna.– Hugs for you Gladys

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    Congrats Kobe!! Great milestone!!

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    Kobe you are the best 😀

  • Jamir Mohammad

    hey KOBE…
    you are the no.1 NBA player for me.. and i expects that you could brig the 2011-2012 championship trophy.
    Please do all your best to get back into the championship ladder, and most of all, get back and break all of the NBA records out there, i know you can do it…
    I will be watch all of your game in NBA Site, and i know in the end of the season, you can bring the L.A into the championship and get back the crown…
    GO KOBE.

  • Ibitsteven

    you are the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball.

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    KOBE YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!