• http://kobebryant.com/members/freshprince/ freshprince

    cant wait to see this commercial! love that shirt..i like the black..love the purple! ticked at the loss!

  • forgivenakalala

    Thanks Kobe! Happy Holidays!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/chelllly24/ Michelle Huynh

    Happy holidays, Kobe! I can’t wait to see you play tonight vs. the kings!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/salokobe/ salo

    Happy Holidays KOBE

  • Wug24

    wassap bean im a true true fan of your i swear man erbdy just dont know how cold u really is 5 rings fam gone head and show em that young kobe and get more than jordan u dont want just 6 just get 7

    • suave qiu

      I like kobe bryant,too.I am from china.

  • Radskobe

    Hey Kobe! Im your true FANS. :)) I love you Blackmamba! :*

  • Elie_terzikhan

    kobe show them in the playoffs that you are the best and try your best to score and attack because you are unstoppable if you do .. you have fans all over the world waiting for you.. i am from lebanon and you have a lot of fans here.. do it for the fans

  • Elie_terzikhan

    i am a big fan of you i even memorized the song kobe bryant by lil wayne… but now you’re going for the six ring like it was your first !

  • Elie_terzikhan

    lakers games are like 4 sometimes 5 in the morning that’s because of the time difference between LA and Lebanon but I wake up to watch all the games because you are the best and i don’t want to miss any game of my favorite basketball player even if that means going to school tired

  • Jessica Hamilton

    Hey Mr, Bryant what more can be said about you!!!  You are one of the greatest, What you have taught me about the game of basketball through your eyes is priceless. If you find the time it is great to hear how you feel about the game your thoughts just to get in your mind regarding basketball.

  • Sanbuenaventurmyla

    hey Kobe you know you are the best in the world… no one can beat you i’m happy once i see you thanks to you and god bless
                     your #.1 fan, —

  • Connor Crosby

    Kobe you are the best my one and true role model. Sooooo jelous of you, you deserve all the fame you get and keep up the effort. Looks like the effort has already payed off.

  • Surgerlips39sgomez

    Hey Kobe You Inspired Me To Play Basketball I Mean If It Wasnt For
    I Don’t Think That I Would Still Be Playing Basketball Till This Day You
    Helped Me Learn That Their Is No Such Thing As Giving Up In The Sport
    Love So Much And I Learned So Much From Just Watching You Play

  • ProdigyPlaya

    you is boss! I actually wanted my number to be 24 my freshman year, but unfortunately they didn’t have 24, but I did see it with the JV team, hope I get to wear it. You my inspeation.

  • blerina

    hey Kobe you you are the best in the world im a big fans of you