Now that Nike Euro Tour in Athens is all wrapped up, Kobe gets ready to head to Milan, Italy. Follow Kobe on Facebook to stay updated:

  • ale7

    Hey Kobe, I’m italian, I was born in Bologna, but now I live near Florence…If you have one more day to stay here in Italy, why don’t you come to my house? You’ll be my guest for everything (I’ve an Holyday Farmhouse where you can rest, I’ve a dairy farm so you can eat some fantastic cheese, I’ve some Chianina veal, so you can eat the real Fiorentina steak…
    For me your visit will be the best thing happens in my life, ’cause I’m a great fan of you and Los Angeles Lakers…

  • jason2002

    Hey Kobe,I live in charles city va and if you can come to my school and talk to me and my friends i will be so happy type me back as soon as you get me

  • Cristyabunas

    Hello Kobe,. ,I wish all the time that you can visit us here in the Philippines because all I want is to see you personally,. ,
    My friends told me that my wish will not be granted because it is impossible but still I am hoping,. ,