After leading Team USA to a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, Kobe Bryant wants to add more to his trophy case. A second gold finish is what the Black Mamba is after now and he will be putting on that red, white, and blue at the upcoming 2012 Olympic games in London.

Bryant is the first to commit to the team, and there will be more players to join him as the summer games near. But with the man that lead them to a top finish last time out already on the line-up, the rest will most definitely be signing up sooner than later. Jerry Colangelo, the head of USA Basketball, already said that others are starting to follow suit. “I haven’t even really started reaching out, and I’m feeling calls,” he said Friday. “They’re calling me. They’re calling me to say they’re playing.”

  • Gian

    I wanna see him play the game in Olympics before he retires. :)

  • charlesworth

    go kobe make that second gold all he does is win

  • mike kwon

    i believe he did it again.

  • gladys

    Happy Birthday KOBE BRYANT !!! — Good health and Happiness for always Sir Bryant!!

  • pamkb24

    happy birthday kobe! i wish u happiness and bountiful years to come. may touch more lives through your craft.

  • shamaryee

    happy b-day love u black mamba

  • mike kwon

    Happy Birthday KOBE!

  • ganesh

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janko

    Cool. Have Fun. Do some crazy dunk in game. God luck