Bryant Moves From Court to Pitch
Kobe Bryant had a weekend filled with nothing but soccer. Playing in the fourth annual Celebrity Soccer Challenge, hosted by Mia Hamm. He then followed it up by heading to the Manchester United versus FC Barcelona exhibition match, which drew in more than 81,000 fans.

In the Celebrity Soccer Challenge, Bryant teamed up with U.S. Women’s team star Alex Morgan, Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola and the Washington Redskins’ D’Angelo Hall. On the opposing side were USWNT’s Ali Krieger and Heather O’Reilly, plus Stat Boy from ESPN.

But it was the highlights at halftime of the ManU vs. Barcelona match the really showed off the Black Mamba’s skills on the pitch.

Bryant casually juggled a soccer ball before knocking a volley into the net. KB24 then lined up to take a penalty kick. Even as the goalkeeper faked from side to side, Bryant calmly drilled a shot into the lower left corner before accepting congratulations from the assembled dignitaries.