Kobe Bryant Honors Yao In China

Kobe Bryant had some extremely kind words for Yao Ming while he is currently wrapping up his five-leg Asian tour, which is capping off in China. Bryant, who is the biggest American-born basketball player in China, praised how much Yao has helped open the doors for Chinese players to make their way into the NBA.

The Black Mamba, who was talking to the New York Times, continues by saying, ”For the youth here in China to believe that it’s possible to achieve the dream of being an NBA player, all that started from Yao.”

“The movement that started in the NBA of the influx of European players coming to the NBA was started by Vlade Divac, Dino Radja and those guys. Even that movement didn’t have the impact and magnitude that Yao Ming has had. And on top of that, he’s just a heck of a basketball player to boot.”

This is all coming on the heels of Yao Ming’s announcement that he will be retiring from the game of basketball.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/boii3volution/ Kouame Ndri

    Kobe is right Yao did come a long way! Kobe knows when it is time to let the spotlight on someone else! :))