We are now closing the second day of Kobe Basketball Academy and A LOT has already taken place.  Everyone has had the chance get their picture taken with the Black Mamba, and to top these two days off we have all had the privilege of  getting an inside look at some of his personal training regimen.


View this set on Flickr.

We will keep you updated as camp continue with fresh photos and videos.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/salokobe/ salo

    I really liked this video :) KOBE you are the best player in the world. I love you and LAL

  • Stephen

    KOBE.. You’re my favourite player !! BEST SHOOTER and of course you’re the BEST PLAYER in the world !! I’m trying to follow your shooting style.. it’s quite difficult.. but I’ll keep trying.. 

    • chris

       u suck

  • Eddy23M

    Kobe your the black Mamber you scored 81 points.ithink you can win this series beatin OKC and drop 40 on them game 6

  • Adams230

    Kobe, in my opinion,  you’re one of the greatest players ever. I think your camp is wonderful training for the kids and a great thing for you to do. Congrats on all your awards and record  accomplishments.LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT SEASON!!!!!!!

  • Powerramgers

    kobe you are the best player in the world and I been watching before i could walk. your the BEST

  • Sajeran24

    Kobe is the greatest player and $corer in the NBA
    KOBE IS GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Who won the HORSE game ?

  • Yoly

    I love u Kobe

  • Kobe #1

    Kobe love you!