Check out the nasty facial jam Kobe served up in last night’s victory in game 5 vs. The Hornets. A lot of concern was raised over Bryant’s sprained ankle, but he came out and put our worries to rest.

Click on the left to watch.

Kobe had this to say about the moment: “I just had a lane to the basket. It looked like he was going to challenge me at the rim, and I accepted the challenge,” Bryant said. “It’s [was] a message for us that this is important. It’s time to raise up and do what we’ve got to do. They know I save those. I don’t have [many] of those left.”

  • KableMan

    This was such a great moment, I jumped out of my seat screaming!

  • Nikhil Hundal

    BEAST DUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jacob dreamer

    Sick dunk made me get outta my seat

  • Ernie

    Sparked the team, and scared the hornets! that was brilliant

  • Alex

    What a beast!!

  • Mshari


  • hot24

    WOW! Oh! WOW! :-)

  • Ashutosh

    that’s d only superman in basketball….

  • Mounir

    damn kobe is a beast dunkin over a shot blocker damn hes good

  • Madina(:


  • ladytruth

    Skilled Dunk Kobe! Keep Killin em get your 3Peat!!! Get Super Plays! Watch the ankle on those jumps! Stay focused! Lets Go!!!! Team Unity!!! LAKERS! LAKERS! LAKERS!!!

  • Anand Shah

    Too sick, and people thought he had no posters left… fools…

  • Charlie torres

    Even I woke up when he dunked it

  • mia warner

    dat game was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bt game 6 was way better. i ran around da houe n start gloatin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mia warner

    dat game was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bt game 6 was way better. i ran around the house n start gloating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • russia1993


  • Ray


  • smithkama

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  • Alex

    Cmon lakers your better than Dallas … Let’s get it together and win!!

  • Manujdl

    wow kobe is such a legend:D!

  • hector ortiz jr.

    this dunk was not only the baddest dunk of the season but, a reminder, Kobe is the baddest…….

  • cory hunley

    Bryant that’s too much to put n words

  • cory hunley

    Bryant tht’s too much to put n words