2:05 left in the 2nd quarter against the Atlanta Hawks. Kobe Bryant drawed a foul on a three point shot. Bryant stepped up to the free throw line for three free throws. In routine, he took a deep breathe and knocked down the first two. Then was time for his third. Just a bit more meaningful, he stroked the ball and dropped it in. The basket was historic. He had just passed Moses Malone for 6th all-time on the NBA career scoring list.

We’ve all been witness to one of the best scorers in the NBA, but it’s quite amazing to watch Kobe jump into the top 10 this season. Some of the names, historical figures and players, he has passed is quite remarkable.

Moses Malone was was a very resilient and athletic player. Malone played 19 seasons in the NBA including winning a championship in 1983 with the Philadelphia 76ers. He finished his career with a staggering 29,580 career points and over 17,800 rebounds.

Bryant has climbed the ladder quickly this season already surpassing John Havlicek, Dominique Wilkins, Oscar Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Elvin Hayes and now Malone. After the game, Kobe commented, “I’m just blessed to have the opportunities that I’m having right now.”

Next up on the list is Shaquille O’Neal. At the rate Kobe is going, he will surpass his former teammate next season.

But for now, let’s take a moment and appreciate one of the deadliest scorers in NBA history while he’s here and active. Congratulations to Kobe Bryant for moving up into the 6th spot. Here is an updated scoring list as of 3-8-11:

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38,387
2. Karl Malone – 36,928
3. Michael Jordan – 32,292
4. Wilt Chamberlain – 31,419
5. Shaquille O’Neal – 28,590
Kobe Bryant – 27,423

Now about that 6th championship…

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/kb24chitown/ Alex

    Amazing to watch keep it going Kobe!!

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    congratulations kobe . u can make number 5, 4 and mooore u’re the best .

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/vikas/ vikas

    wow come on KB24ians , our man is in a streak to get the no.1 spot of all time scoring list…. proud moments for us kobe!!!!!!
    finish it quickly to 1st spot and make a untouchable :-)

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    boo yah shacka!!! all time scorer coming at you good job kobe

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    Good Job Kobe Bryant
    U are a great player.
    Shelia Martin

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    Contratulations from Slovenia Kobe! I know you can be THE BEST!

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    All you can do is make us proud KOBE ……

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    i’m so inspirated from you kobe..
    i know you the best..

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    You’re looking good, Kobe! Take care of that ankle!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/showtimelakeshow/ Chris F.

    Let’s go Kobe! You keep producing like this into your late thirties and you might surpass Kareem for all time leading scorer in NBA history. And let’s try to get that second three peat a la Michael Jordan.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/1niceswag/ John

    Another Accomplishment to make the haters love him more!!! To know him is to respect him!

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    no matter what! KOBE UR D BEST! (“,)

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    Kobe you are the greatest we we ever know in our lifetime! My son and I look forward to seeing you in every game of the season, take care of yourself and congratulation! You rock our basketball world!