On the special evening of February 19th 2011, Kobe Bryant made his mark, literally, among the stars of Hollwood’s best and most remembered. The ceremony took place inside the world renowned Grauman’s Chinese Theater due to in-climate weather, but resulted in a fun atmosphere nonetheless.

Outside, thousands of fans had lined up for hours to be apart of the ceremony alongside Hollywood Blvd. Some told us they had been there since as early as 6AM. Inside, the ceremony kicked off at 2:30pm and featured recognizable faces including Jimmy Kimmel, George Lopez, Jeanie Buss, Phil Jackson, Mitch Kupchak and Kobe’s wife and two adorable daughters.

Bryant’s speech, which you can view in its entirety in the video to the left, left Kobe in awe, admitting, “’I never thought my hand and foot prints would be sitting right here at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.”

For the five time champion, league MVP, long time league All-Star and owner of the “Black Mamba” alter ego which includes his new short-film, Bryant was very thankful and admitted he felt very much apart of this city that he’s grown up since the age of 17, “’I feel like I’ve grown up in this city. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs but here we are with five championships and plenty more to go,’ he added.

You can view the highlights of the ceremony in our exclusive video above! Congrats to Kobe Bryant for making his mark off the court in such a special way for all of his admirers, followers and fans in the city of Los Angeles.

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    Did you have a problem with washing your hands after that? 😀 You are Black Mamba, but you are also the worlds all-time number 1!
    Please stop denying that and get on the top of all-time scoring list!

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