They thought it’d be an easy battle…they thought wrong.

The Black Mamba.
Starring Kobe Bryant, Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo and Kanye West.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

A Nike Basketball Production.

  • kobeshoots24

    I watched this film today while at work..kobe is funny as hell…kobe is a great player and has many layers to him..everyone knows kobe is superb on the court..I think its great when he gets to step outside of the box and switch it up..his love for basketball and talent has opened many doors for him..I would be happy to see him continue his career beyond the court. Because one day he won’t spoil us with his basketball talent so I pray that he does bless us with other talents like films…I don’t care what he long as he stays around…kobe can do anything…he is not michael jordan…he is kobe bryant..he won without shaq..could jordan win without pippen??

  • Zach Inman

    Amazing, Kobe is the best in the NBA today, can’t be stopped.

  • Rob Cave

    Great Short Film!!! Congrats to Robert Rodriguez. Micheal Lewis Jr. You are right Kobe is the best to ever play. Kayne played a good role

  • Nba Kamy

    after jordan  kobe is best player in wrold!!!!!!!!!

    we love u so sosososososo much bryant