Kobe Bryant came in to the regular season match up against the Sacramento Kings just 13 points shy (26,934 points) of passing Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon (26,946). Recently, Kobe has been passing up some the most elite scorers in NBA history such as Oscar Robertson, Dominique Wilkins and John Havlicek.

Bryant didn’t take long to move up to #8 on the NBA all-time scoring list. The historic bucket came with 3:31 remaining in the first quarter off a great defensive play in which Kobe stripped the ball from the defender and sprinted up the court for an emphatic one-handed jam. You can watch the video of the milestone bucket to the left!

Kobe isn’t a stranger to Hakeem, either. Over the summer of 2009, Bryant worked with Hall of Famer Olajuwon to learn and expand his footwork. Kobe also learned the famous “Dream Shake” move that so many fell victim too during Hakeem’s playing days.

After their workout, which you can see in this video, Hakeem had this to say about Kobe, “First of all, it was a tremendous compliment to me that Kobe asked me to work with him,” Olajuwon said. “Beyond that, it shows you clearly what it is about Kobe that makes him who he is. He has been in the NBA 13 years. He has won four [now five] championships. He has been MVP. And he still wants to know more, wants to add to his game.”

Kobe, also had high praise for the legendary post player saying, “In my opinion, he’s the best post player ever,” Bryant said. “With all due respect to [Kevin] McHale, Hakeem was phenomenal.”

Up next on the scoring list, at number 7, is Elvin Hayes; who scored 27,313 points in his career. Bryant is currently 342 points away from passing Hayes.

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, who entered the season as #13th on the all-time scoring list. At this rate, he could be nearing the top five at season’s end.

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