By now, you’ve probably heard all about the Zoom Kobe VI’s. The hottest shoe on the market debuted itself as Kobe donned them for the first time on Christmas day. Additionally, Nike and Kobe teamed up for a special court-side experience for the fans who are up closest to the action.

For those of us who didn’t sit court-side (who is probably most of us), the team at went behind the scenes to provide you with special coverage from giveaway. Among the fans and celebs, we’re here to take you through the experience that was the court-side experience!

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To begin, every court-side fan had, literally, a special present wrapped in the beautiful Lakers-purple and yellow ribbons waiting for them in their seats. These gifts were on every seat as pictured.

When the fans opened up the present, they found, inside the box was a special message from Kobe written to his fans:

“Dear Lakers Fans,

Thank you for coming to my home away from home to celebrate the holidays with me and my Los Angeles Lakers family. 

It is you, the fans, who have inspired us to 16 NBA Championships and continue to inspire us as we look to three-peat in 2011. As a show of thanks for your support, I’d like to give you a gift:

A pair of my new signature NIKE, the Zoom Kobe VI.

Bring this card to the NIKE booth next to the Chairman’s Room to receive a pair of the exact shoes that I’ll be debuting on the court today. Please show your support by wearing them during the game.

Happy Holidays!
Kobe Bryant, aka The Black Mamba”

The Chairman’s Room is a special room, most notably the place for stars to hang during breaks in the action. The room is located inside STAPLES Center’s hallways. As fans headed down there, they got to see a very cool poster of Kobe which stated: “Nike Zoom Kobe VI. Killer Fit. Strikes Quick.”

In addition to receiving their shoe, they were also offered a unique “Destoyer Jacket” as long as they repped the special green kicks during the game. The Jacket, in green text, had “VENOMENOM” written across it.

Nike and Kobe definitely put on a great experience for some of the fans in celebration of the Holidays and the #1 shoe on the market.

In addition to the gallery of pictures we’ve provided from our coverage, click on the video above to check out some of the reactions from the recipients of the shoes; including a few familiar faces.

Now lace up your Zoom Kobe VI’s, and let’s support the boys in their pursuit of the 3-peat!

Special Thanks to Stephanie Meiling for the photography!

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    Kobe, everybody love u! the best basketbball player with jordan

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    Wish they weren’t sold out, I was looking for a pair at half-time online…sold out everywhere…

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    I want those shoes!

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    Wish you the best in the future Kobe !

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    kobe the best!!

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    kobe could still play with his sore ankle