The Los Angeles Lakers are among the most successful sports franchises in this country’s history. On Monday, the Lakers were in Washington, D.C. to meet with President Obama who congratulated them on their 2010 Championship.

The President, a Chicago native himself, noted that Phil’s fifth title with Los Angeles still didn’t equate to the six he won with the Chicago Bulls. Before the President could get a smile in, a voice from behind him simply stated: “Not for long.”

Obama smiled and credited Kobe with the comment. It was another fun moment amidst another great visit for the Lakers who visited President Obama at the White House last January in celebration of their 2009 NBA Championship.

This year, deciding to change things up, the Lakers and President Obama corresponded with NBA Cares to build care packages at a local Boys and Girls Club in the Washington area. You can watch the entire meeting and the President’s speech here.

Let’s hope for a third meeting come this time next year!

  • ndiepi thio

    qu’est-on peu demandé de plus à Dieu avec une telle carrier ! merci Kobe un model pour notre genération

  • Elizabeth Hartman

    Kobe, with your strength, passion, and dedication to basketball, you do an excellent job in representing our country.
    President Obama is very proud of you.

  • Amades

    Can’t wait for next June, another Lakers three-peat will be huge for Kobe and Phil!! GO LAKERS =)

  • Mounir

    wooooooo lakers back 2 back champs hi obama haha lakers r 2 good heat wont see obama until kobe retires

  • Wellsg