Fast. Highly aggressive. Lethal. These are a few words that can describe one of the most feared snakes on the planet; the “Black Mamba.” In fact, this snake’s bite is so lethal that it can result in a 100% fatality rate in just under 24 minutes after an attack. With such a fear instilled in it’s victims, it’s only fitting that Kobe Bryant’s new shoe, the Zoom Kobe VI, has a direct inspiration from the Black Mamba snake itself.

Kobe Bryant’s alter-ego on the court is well established as the “Black Mamba.” Much like the aggressive snake itself, Kobe has made a career out of striking his own victims in the metaphorical form of flashy dunks, demoralizing plays and buzzer beaters. With the release of the Zoom Kobe VI, Nike and Kobe created a shoe that truly brings out the “Black Mamba” in all of us. Here is what Kobe had to say about the new shoe:

“The Kobe VI is a very character driven shoe with the alter ego of the Black Mamba prominently featured,” said Bryant. “We continue to evolve the technology to make it a performance based shoe, but aesthetically you haven’t seen a shoe pop like this before. It brings to life what drives me.”

The Zoom Kobe VI takes inspiration from it’s previous shoe, the Zoom Kobe V, and improves on it in various ways as detailed in the official Nike press release:

* The shoe’s upper features unique polyurethane “islands” that emulate a snake’s skin and increase or decrease in size throughout the shoe to protect against abrasion and increase durability exactly where needed.
* To add a lighthearted spin and play off the reptile’s deadly venom, “Venomenon” is inscribed on the front outsole.
* It features an innovative dual-layer memory foam sockliner that conforms to the foot for a one-of-a-kind custom fit.
* A Phylon injected midsole adds cushioning for a more anatomically correct fit, and Nike Zoom units in the heel and forefoot provide additional comfort on court.
* A reduced midsole thickness to keep the foot closer to the ground for improved stability and better court feel.
* The basketball shoe also employs Nike’s innovative Flywire technology in a new, three-layer construction allowing for lighter, more breathable and more conformable relationship to the foot than previous Flywire designs in the Kobe series.
* To ensure excellent traction, the Nike Zoom Kobe VI has a solid rubber outsole with a Black Mamba inspired modified herringbone pattern.
* Certain China editions of the shoe include XDR, or Extra Durable Rubber, for sustained durability against the rough surfaces of outdoor basketball courts.

The Zoom Kobe VI will be released in retail stores and online on December 26th, 2010. In the meantime, check out these screen shots of the Zoom Kobe VI and prepare yourself for the “deadliest” shoe ever.

Are YOU ready to purchase the Zoom Kobe VI and unleash your inner Black Mamba?

  • ld2k

    I love how they implemented the emulation of the snake’s skin. These look fantastic!

  • Mahmoud Shahin

    true dat! kobes got that ish man lol

  • Ray

    Man i hope the treads grip well and not just for looks. I never thought they’d make a sixth zoom this quick. 😛 i luv the design way more, looks neater than the zoom 5. Looking forward to these shoes being very great.

  • KR26

    Black Mamba Shoes xD
    I wanna it

  • Alex

    cant wait till they come out they look sick!

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  • ylli ameti

    oohh new shoe i love it im a new member here at i cant wait to see that shoe live in my hand

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  • SB throw it Down

    Kobe Kobe Kobe, can’t you see? Sometimes your kicks just hypnotize me.

  • Damian Kannegieter

    yeah gunna have to get a pair to add to the collection

  • mariabryant

    wow ! can I have one please 😀

  • luis angelo balingit

    darn this is good…i wish i can have it…

  • Alex

    Can you make some of your shoes mid tops?

  • kevmamba24

    Can’t wait to get these…..i thought the V’s were sick but these can mold to your must cop for me

  • Elizabeth Hartman

    Do you have size 71/2? I am 5 feet 8, but I have little feet!