Kobe Bryant recently teamed up with 2K Sports to make a great commercial for the release of their game featuring Michael Jordan.

One of  the greatest basketball players of all time debuts for the first time in this hardware generation and brings his passion for the game to NBA 2K11 with an all new Jordan Challenge mode, historic Bulls teams, and even a MJ: Creating a Legend mode offering gamers the chance to be a rookie Michael and craft a new career for him. This is on top of improvements to core gameplay elements – including an all-new IsoMotion™ dribbling controls, deeper My Player mode with new My Career feature, all-new breathtaking visuals, and much more. This year BECOME THE GREATEST with NBA 2K11.

Also check out the behind the scenes below:

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/clutch/ Clutch

    lol that was a sick commercial, especially in the end when he laughs about draftin MJ to the lakers

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/martinamalka/ martinamalka

    Loved it! You are amazing Kobe! You have it made and I am jealous, I want to be you!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/haterzwillonlyhate/ Tatiana Hudson


  • http://kobebryant.com/members/haterzwillonlyhate/ Tatiana Hudson

    Kobe you are sooo funny behind the scenes lol that video makes me laugh every time i watch it

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/emhofer/ KobeFan24

    lol kobe you’re really funny behind the scenes :-)

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/step12/ ztep24

    i bet he can be a good comedian… har har har. hey guyz im kinda confuse when will Kobe VI shoe be available in the market? dying to have onh of those. thanks

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/lakerfaninexile/ Laker Fan in Exile

    I love how he traded MJ to the Lakers in the commercial. I don’t think anyone who plays this game hasn’t at one time made some insane Lakers team with every great player known to man surrounding Kobe as a supporting cast. :)

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/mellerie/ mellerie hizon

    you’re so funny kobe!!:))) <3 <3<3

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/ashahmoradian/ Arno Shahmoradian

    “And I just drafted him to the Lakers” Epic!