Nike has made it possible on many occasions for Kobe to interact with his fans all over the world. On his trip visiting Ghangzou and Hangzou, Kobe attended a couple basketball clinics to share his talent with many eager kids in hopes, some of the Black Mamba’s star power would rub off on them.

He was also able to make time to visit with an old friend, Cao. Cao played on a team in Kobe Mentu, Kobe’s tv show in Asia. After the show aired Kobe found out Cao had Spina Bifida, and he made it possible for Cao to come to the LA for treatment. With the help of the Black Mamba, Cao was treated and now is back playing basketball and he has remained friends with Kobe ever since. This is the first time they have seen each other in two years.

Here are some photos from the trip and a video of Kobe giving a fan a signed ball. Keep checking back, I will be adding more photos as they come in.

Photos of Ghangzou

Photos of Hangzhou

Photos of Chengdu