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  • Ladymamba24

    Enjoy ur well deserved vacation with ur family and ur not 1,not 2, not 3, not 4 but 5 rings!!!!! Ur the best basketball player ever!!!!!

  • jedilakers24

    Congratulations for the fifth ring!! Have a good summer! And Love you, too!

  • ladytruth

    Have a Safe Trip you & your family! Many Blessings!Lets take it to 3Titels Kobe! You can do it! I have MUCH Faith In You & Your Team mates! Its all about Team Play & Trusting Yourself & Each other! Lets Get It Laker’s 2011 Championship Title Make It Yours Now & Do What ya gotta do to go get it! And tell Phil Jackson We Want Him Back! We Dont want another Coach!

  • vfmi

    Non ho capito !!!
    Si vince un Viaggio in SudAfrica con Kobe ?
    Allora partecipo… :-)

  • BARBIE_24

    love jhu kobe bryant, im like yo number one fan! u are so handsome,jhu really inpire me! my myspace is all jhu mostly:
    i love jhu all the way,
    u rock da court!
    jhu MVP MVP MVP.

  • takman24

    hey kobe,come to Greece,you have millions of fans here!!!!

  • deadendrage

    Hope you have a great time in South Africa Kobe. Get some much needed and deserved rest so you can come back and three-peat!!!

  • R3NST3R

    Yo Kobee!! meet and greet? 😀

  • briana3

    Kobe Ur Da Best.. You should Make Something where u can reply to fans messages that would be awesome.. i really wish i could meet u..

  • wandasessionperry

    Hey, Kobe, congratulation to you and the Lakers on another championship and the 2nd MVP award.This is your no.1 fan from Corpus Christi Texas and I will be in your city,state in July 19th for the birth of my first grandbaby. I do plan to tour the Staple Center and hope I get a glimpse of you. Have a safe trip you and your family. By the way, I’m the fan in the best that sent your cards for and prayers for your life and family. The school teachers and 60 year old fan. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!

  • jmauro

    good to see that great things will be coming this summer. Travel safely to South Africa.

  • deandre24

    im so happy for kobe back to back championships he has to be enjoying the moment

  • Jino-kobe-PH

    kobe please come back here in manila.. pleaseeeeeeeee

  • kobebryantjr

    behind you all the way kobe!!!

  • pamkb24

    Im loving nba because of you and if there is any word to describe basketball it would definitely be “KOBE BRYANT!”

  • thenextlegend24

    Have a good summer kobe you’v earned it!!
    Thx for the time and for the talk!

    you are a legend to us all!!

    Love ‘n peace your greatest fan thenextlegend24 (that’s you kobe;D)

  • angelhawk23

    have a nice summer kobe!your the best!

  • kobe4eva

    WHOO!!!!!! man u deserve that break! u worked hard and got that repeat!! Way to go KObe!!

  • rolyt

    Your the best Kobe !!! Always be humble in victory and defeat !!! We love you !!!

  • rebs24

    ur the best men! .. much much love! ♥

  • skassis

    thank you for a great season, all hard work paid off, all the best to you and your family, enjoy your summer, and get healthy. I am already enjoying a good summer watching great soccer in Fifa World cup, it will be a busy one as well, thank you.

  • kobe24urmymvp

    your a hardworker so u really deserve a breeeaakkk!
    gud luck on ur trip 2 south africa … and i wish u could come back 2 philippines because my uncle is your BIGGEST FAN since u were just starting.

  • lakergirl824

    Have a great summer and get healthy. Come back better then ever,and reminded the rest of the NBA who is the BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA! HE LIVES AND PLAY IN LA. And less don’t just go for the three-peat let’s make it four in a row something the great MJ never did. UR the Best much love!

  • lakersk1d

    Maybe next year LeBron…….. Yeah right. The only way LeBron is getting a ring is when Kobe retires. Hopefully, that never happens.

  • kobe244

    wattttt up ma blood congratzzzz u guyz won the championship im so happy ai i wanted to tell u ur wife is hotttt but congratz for the win n i wish u guyz have a great summer


  • jayjoka


  • lilroc1

    Black Mamba Back To Back Finals MVP #1 NBA Player Congrats Hard Fault Championship Everytime You Win You 3-Peat Enjoy The Summer KING BRYANT

  • lilroc1

    Since You Won Again Does That Mean Wayne Gotta Make A KOBE BRYANT REMIX?

  • lakergyrl

    Congratulations Kobe, on your 5th ring, and 2nd MVP. Enjoy, Relax, and Have Fun:)

  • csifuentes10

    Kobe you are the best ever. thank you for giving us a great season im not a laker im Kobe funatico because you are the best dad and bascketball player on earth. see you in South Africa go south america futbol. and sorry USA AND ITALY hahaha

  • thagamezman

    Yes sir congrats on another cookie!!!!

  • camille ileto

    enjoy kobe! your the best!

  • julie

    have a nice time“welcome to china`

  • zofia

    woow u are so sweet ! i love u and u are good cuase these children need help , and u do it !

  • sky24

    CONGRATULATIONS for the back to back championship, on your 5th ring & 2nd MVP…Kobe, you are the BEST!!!We will be looking forward for the 3peat in 2011…Have a great time with your family…HAVE FUN! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

  • durtysouth210

    USA!! Unfortunately we are out now but still good games to watch over enjoy it you deserve it CHAMP5X

  • hueyj24

    Congratulations kobe and the lakers on that Big game had me on my toes all the way…. but 2 who ever reads this who nows u what’s up wit a “COME FLY WITH ME part 2″ I wanna see highlights of all yur move I would loved that big lakers fan hopeful y’all can get to work on that

  • kobesgirl

    congratulations kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 u deserve it your the gretest ever!!!!love you!!! peace!!!!!11

  • kobesgirl

    have a great time time in africa kobe get that rest and come back for your sixth ring im so proud of you.

  • martinamalka

    Thank you Kobe. I am still waiting for my navy long sleeve Kobe academy t-shit I recently ordered, because all I wear are Lakers jerseys since as of lately! I wonder why? It was such a great season, and I hope you enjoy the summer and take some time to vacation with your family and relax. I am so proud of you all, thanks for a wonderful basketball season, I love you all so much. I really enjoyed seeing you all in that big truck during the parade, with your families and friends inside, too. Your wife and children are so beautiful, and I see how proud you are of them, too. They love you so much. We all love you. You are blessed to have so much in your life, and be so talented. Never for a minute take it for granted. AND…we are all blessed to have you Kobe in our lives.
    I have been a Laker fan since the Magic Johnson days, and as exciting as it was to watch then, it is so much more exciting to watch now, because of you! You are a true leader Kobe and G-d has placed a heavy weight on your shoulders, but you step up to the plate each time, and lead your team. I am so proud of you. You are my middle sons age, so I can say that! You make all our lives as fans meaningful. We feel like we won, too. Thank you for a wonderful season. See you soon! From my family to yours… B’shalom (go in peace), Martina

  • Anthony Marshall

    Kbe im your biggest fan hope you have a great trip with your family your the best to ever!!!!

  • kobebryantrocks

    Have a fun & safe summer Kobe.

    lots of Love from Hawaii!! 😉

  • Kobestock

    Have a BLAST in South Africa w/your #1 FANS….Vanessa & your 2 Girls!! Enjoy every minute…you & your family deserve it and much more!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • moneykane

    Thank you for a great season Kobe. Enjoy South Africa. Hey I just purchased ur limited edition Kobe IV Phillys All-Star shoe Honoring ur Father with the 23 on the back. It was the last pair in Footlocker and Size 10 I am very happy with my purchase. My 2year old lil Momma can’t see u … even if is on the Ps3 she is like Kobe!! Mad Funny! One

  • andrewsapega

    Congratulations Kobe with the 5 rings on one hand!!! And I wish you to fill the other one with the same stuff!!! You’re the BEST EVER!!!

  • mrmike


  • Isaac Brown


  • Dunkadelic Kobe24

    The “Ko P. DeLA-Ron” Lakers will win it again next season in 2011. “Ko P. DeLA-Ron” is a signature nickname that combines the first name of the 6-core players of the LA Lakers, Ko-Kobe, P.-Pau, De-Derek, L-Lamar,A-Andrew, and Ron-Ron.

  • ballnbeats

    Congratulations Kobe for this 5th ring. Definitely the sweetest and toughest to get. Enjoy South Africa and the World Cup !

  • jk24

    bring home the 6th and defining championship of your career next season kobe!! yeah .. Take care in South africa ..

  • SheWolvereene

    Congrats! Get that well deserved rest; enjoying your family. Thank you, once again, for a fantastic season. You are definitely the best in the game!

  • tommyswe

    Have fun in South Africa.

    Three-peat comin up!


  • lalakerfan

    kobe your the greatest when it comes to basketball,the lakers are the best! congrats on your 5th ring,u really deserve it

  • qb2841

    Ah Kobe when the next party!!!

  • qb2841

    Paert after the trip Kobe!

  • qb2841

    Party after the trip KB24 QB2841 OUT

  • mr2kool

    hey koby i’m sharjeel 19 male from pakistan very far away from nba … i’m, ur biggest fan …. love lakesrs .

  • ericlalfan

    ThreePeat comin up!