Kobe Bryant is the master of finishing games out. Now with five championships, while his rank amongst the all time hoops greats generates a lot of healthy debate — no one can argue he is the best “kloser” in the world. Vitaminwater provides you some klosure on the season with an updated glimpse of what else needs some klosing.

  • tisha24

    I dono y I keep on repeating the game all the time I keep on watchn it maybe its coz I lobe u Kobe and team congrathulations!! Me swagg

  • kb24lord

    he is the kloser

  • zreyak

    Boston is finally “klosed”!

  • b4twofour

    genious. kobe has the right personality to klose this deal! love kb and vitamin water!!

  • princecaspian

    You’re the best closer in the g!me

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/airapparent/ Air Apparent

    Jordan = GOAT? Klosed

  • mamatheregoesthatman24

    Repping the purple and gold a couple thousand miles away in our nation’s capital, I want to commend you and the team for the great job you guys have done this year in bringing back the “Boston Massacre”. Your pose and resilience has been proven this past season / post-season and next year, we hope to 3-peat. Mama, there goes that man!


  • drexnaw21

    Kobe is the klosest to being better than Michael Jordan.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/miamorekobe/ kaye

    i love u kobe..

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/dunkadelickobe24/ Dunkadelic Kobe24

    Kobe is the main man to the signture nickname for the 6 core players that make up the LA Lakers. “Ko P. DeLA-Ron” is the signature name. The signature name breakdown Ko-Kobe, P.-Pau, De-Derek, L-Lamar, A-Andrew, Ron-Ron (LA also is for Los Angeles).

  • kb1524

    The real “Kloser”…Doubt about it…

  • kb1524

    No doubt about it…I meant!!!